There are senior members of  staff who head the various units/department

Mrs. Florence Ssebbale  University Librarian  
Ms. Julian  Namboozo  Customer care Service  
Mr. Mwahulhwa Baluku Moris  Customer care Service  
Ms. Agnes Zawedde  Customer care Service  
Ms. Cissy Nakiridde

Collections &

Capacity Management



The whole list of library staff




2 Mrs. Florence Ssebbale University Librarian
3 Mr. Mwahulhwa Baluku Moris Assistant Librarian
4 Ms. Agnes Zawedde  Assistant Librarian
5 Ms. Julian Namboozo Assistant Librarian
6 Ms. Nakiridde Cissy Kamulegeya Assistant Librarian
7 Ms Diana Nankinga Assistant Librarian
8 Mr Aloysius Mwanje Ssennono Library Assistant
9 Mr. Kabuye Ladislaus  Library Assistant
10 Ms. Komubwemi Jennifer Library Assistant
11  Mr. Ssebuliba Paul Library Assistant
12  Ms. Biira Nyesi Library Assistant
13 Ms. Namulindwa Juliet Library Assistant
14 Ms Rebecca Nakandha Library Assistant
15 Ms. Nassejje Diana Library Assistant
16 Mr. Sam Namaasa Library Assistant
17 Ms Grace M.S. Byuuma Secretary
18 Ms. Rose Nakhayali Library Attendant
19 Ms. Nakyembe Florence Library Attendant
20  Ms. Najjemba Pauline Library Attendant
21 Ms. Judith Nangobe Library Attendant
22 Mr. Chiiza Aloysious Library Attendant
23 Mr. Mukiibi Yakub Library Attendant
24 Mr. Kaggwa Innocent Library Attendant
25 Ms. Nekesa Catherine Library Attendant
26 Mr. Tebandeke Ronald Library Attendant
27 Ms. Nakalema Teddy Library Attendant
28 Ms. Nansamba Easter Library Attendant
29 Ms. Nakafeero Olivia Library Attendant
30 Mr. Kimera Joshua Library Attendant
31 Mr. Bukenya William Library Attendant