Prof. Andrew Peters Yiga has called for visual literacy in order to enhance understanding in an increasingly complicated world.

Prof. Yiga, the Academic Registrar of Nkumba University, said that communication was simplified through visuals that spoke with clarity. 

He was delivering his Inaugural Professorial Lecture on Friday April 26, 2019 at the University main campus, Entebbe, following his promotion from Associate Professor to Professor on November 5, 2018. He was promoted by the Board of Trustees on the recommendation of the University Council. Prof. Yiga’s scholarship is not limited to the field of Fine Art in which he holds a PhD; his scholarship is multi-disciplinary and encompasses Design, Education, Psychology and Management.

His Inaugural Professorial Lecture, “Portraiture: Contextualizing Visual Communication”, was attended by staff and students of Nkumba University as well as staff of Kisubi University. Also present was Prof. Philip Kwesiga from Makerere University and Prof. Samwiri Lunyiigo, a Presidential Advisor. The Nkumba University Board of Trustees was represented by Mr. Eddy Lule Kamya who is also a member of the University Council. 

“Visual communication in portraiture defines facets of character, of state, and of status with great nuance that demands visual literacy,” said Prof. Yiga. “The art of portraiture compellingly defines the relationship between viewer and subject, between sitter and artist, between looking versus seeing, and between looking and seeing. To grasp such relationships requires visual literacy.”

Prof. Yiga explained that to see a portrait entailed being able to describe it, and separating the whole into its constituent parts. He said that it was crucial to view a portrait in the context that it was made, and then discern its importance or value.

The Inaugural Professorial Lecture was not only celebrating the promotion of Prof. Yiga to the rank of Professor, it was also intended to share his unique knowledge with the public and in so doing enhance the academic ambience of the University.