A total of 1,785 students graduated with degrees and awarded diplomas and certificates from Nkumba University. At the 19th Graduation Ceremony presided over by the Chancellor, Sir Gordon Wavammuno, at the main campus, Entebbe. The Graduating Class comprised principally of students from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan. Among the Masters students from the School of Commercial, Industrial Art and Design (SCIAD), two were from Nigeria, which reflects the world-wide outlook of the SCIAD programmes.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Sir Gordon Wavamunno,  congratulated the graduating class. “As you go into the global labour market, adapt, innovate and create to improve your own lives and the lives of those around you. As Ambassadors of Nkumba University I expect you to reflect the University values, namely: Competence, Confidence, Creativity and Character.”  He also urged the graduates to employ the knowledge they acquired during their studies to develop innovative ideas to create opportunities for themselves.

As is the norm of Nkumba University, prior to the Graduation Ceremony each year, a Commencement Lecture is delivered by a public figure to give tips to the Graduating Class as they begin new life beyond the gates of the University. The Commencement Lecture on Tuesday October 25, 2016 was delivered by Associate Professor Anthony Mugagga Muwagga from Makerere University, on the topic, “The Challenges of Values in Higher Education and the Burden of Innovativeness”. Assoc. Prof. Mugagga Muwagga noted that values were a point of conversation in any education and the University context in particular.  He cautioned against reckless lifestyles, and underlined the need for proper adjustment to the world of work and family. He said that prudence, resilience, politeness and trustworthiness accorded the graduate aptitude for innovativeness and acceptable conduct. To that end he called for “Reflective Practice” by which one pauses to consider the implications of their decisions or actions.

New Developments At The University

Nkumba University opened its Kampala Campus in August 2015, located at Plot 773 & 774 along Kabakanjagala Road in Mengo, was approved by the National Council for Higher Education.

District Need-based Scholarships

In the 2016/2017 academic year, the University introduced five (5) scholarships for each of the Districts of Uganda. The scholarship is accessible through the District / Municipal Headquarters. It is intended to enhance the human resource development in the Country. So far 80 students are beneficiaries of this scholarship.   

Introduction of the May Intake

The University Council resolved that the University recruits new students three times a year – that is, in January, May and August. In that regard the University will commence recruiting students in the various disciplines in January 2017 and May 2017.

Distance Learning Liaison Offices

In the effort to extend higher education services, the University has established Distance Learning Liaison Offices in Gulu, Amuria and Kyegegwa.   

Innovations And Uniqueness Of Nkumba University

I.    The Oluwoko Malaria Innovation, which is a malaria control programme under the Presidential Initiative for Malaria Research, is housed at the School of Sciences. The programme is intended to complement government efforts to control malaria by using indigenous knowledge from local materials.

The School of Sciences, was transformed accordingly to additionally teach Applied Sciences such as Biological and Health sciences, which is in line with government efforts to promote Science and Technology Innovation (STI) for development.  For the first time the University has graduated Bachelor of Health students (5) and Diploma in Public Health students (5).  Nkumba University is now recognized not only for supporting human health sciences. The University at the recent graduation matriculated the 3rd batch of petroleum students, with 18 conferred Degrees and five (5) awarded Diplomas.

II.    Nkumba University through the School of Social Sciences has established a Women’s Health Centre, which is a community outreach programme offering reproductive health services for mothers and children. The outreach programme additionally operates, through its business unit, a micro-finance loan scheme with hundreds of beneficiaries in Wakiso District. The School of Social Sciences is now offering the Diploma in HIV/AIDS Education and Management, which is conducted in collaboration with The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) Uganda.

In 2002 Nkumba University was indeed the first higher institution of learning in the great lakes region to develop an institutional HIV/AIDS policy to guide and regulate its relationship with staff, students and the community.

III.    The School of Law is the only one of its kind in the region offering programmes leading to the award of Bachelor of Criminal Justice as well as Diplomas in Criminal Justice. These new programmes, suitable for members of the public as well as the Armed Forces such as the Police, Prisons and the Army, are intended to produce professionals to meet the challenges of Uganda’s Uganda’s criminal justice.

IV.    Each year the University organizes an international students’ day in which Ugandan and international students exhibit the richness of their cultural backgrounds. This is one of the channels of instilling confidence, competence, creativity and character in students so as to produce informed graduates who think critically, communicate effectively and act responsibly in an increasingly competitive national and global environment.

Students were conferred degrees and awarded diplomas and certificates in a range of academic programmes and here presented as follows:

School of Law Graduation List

School of Commercial Industrial Art and Design Graduation List

School of Education, Humanities and Sciences Graduation List

School of Sciences Graduation List

School of Social Sciences Graduation List

School of Business Administration Graduation List


1.0    Introduction & Objectives 
An overwhelming majority of youth eligible to attend higher education institutions in Uganda is from poor and deprived families. In addition to this there are inequitable opportunities for Higher Education in Uganda that would enable this group to continue with their studies. In addition to this, the financial need for higher education is, perhaps, a remarkable actor to make the bright and studious students to leave their studies uncompleted or, even worse, not to get admission at all in the institution of their choice. Nkumba University is responding to this challenge by introducing need based scholarships to eligible students in Uganda.
The scholarship will enable 5 needy young people from each of Uganda’s districts to pursue their undergraduate education at Nkumba University.
The objective is to provide equal opportunity for the talented students who are disadvantaged and are incapable of meeting part of the cost of their higher education at Nkumba University. This program will help in increasing the University’s enrollment as well as provide training and learning opportunities for disadvantaged students who will as a result have better job and business opportunities after completing their education.

2.0    Eligibility Criteria 
1.    Financial assistance & scholarships are available for study at undergraduate level in the following prescribed disciplines at both Nkumba University Main Campus and Kampala Campus:
-    Bachelor of Business Administration
-    Bachelor of Procurement & Logistics Management
-    Bachelor of Information Technology
-    Bachelor of Public Administration & Management
-    Bachelor of Law
-    Bachelor of Social Works and Social Administration
-    Bachelor of International Relations and Diplomacy
-    Bachelor of Development Studies
-    Bachelor of Science in Journalism
-    Bachelor of Arts with Education
-    Bachelor of Petroleum Management
-    Bachelor of Tourism Management
-    Bachelor of Hotel Management and Institutional Catering
2.    Students need to have secured admission in the approved disciplines at Nkumba University before applying for the scholarship.
3.    Only those students who have completed A-Level in the last three years prior to the application are eligible to apply.
4.    The eligibility of a candidate is linked to neediness of the candidate as determined and assessed by their area LC 1 and LC 3 Chairpersons.

3.0    How to Apply
1.    The eligible students can get a Scholarship Application Form from the
2.    Academic Registrar’s office or at their respective District Education and/or Municipality Offices. The application form can also be downloaded from the University’s website.
3.    The Scholarship Form is supposed to be submitted along with supporting documents only at the District Education and/or Municipality office after endorsements by their respective LC 1 and LC 3 Chairpersons.
4.    Candidates are required to first get admission in any one of the above approved disciplines at Nkumba University.
5.    All Districts and Municipalities of Uganda are included in this initiative.

4.0    Amount of Financial Support
The program will support the eligible students at Nkumba University by paying 600,000/= of tuition fee per year during the entire period of study.

5.0    Terms and Conditions
1.    Application forms are available from the Academic Registrar’s Office, the District Education office, Municipality Education Office and can also be downloaded from the University website.
2.    The submitted application and supporting documents of the potential candidate shall be reviewed by the District Education Service Committee with a representative of Nkumba University present.
3.    The recommended cases shall be presented to the University Scholarship Management Committee (SMC) for a thorough review and final approval.
4.    The scholarship recipients shall be informed of the University’s decision by the Academic Registrar.

Nkumba University – Need based Scholarship Application Form.

A.    Instructions:
1.    Fill in the form using capital letters
2.     Read the application carefully
3.    Complete the application form with the required information
4.    Make a photocopy of the application for your own records
5.    Submit completed form to the District/Municipal Education Officer after endorsements from your area LC1 and LC3 Chairpersons respectively.

B.    Caution:
Providing false information may result in one or all of the following actions by Nkumba University against you:
1.    Cancellation of your admission to the University
2.    Expulsion from the University
3.    Disqualification for award of any future scholarships
4.    Refund of all payments of the scholarship received
5.    Initiation of criminal proceedings
6.    Students must be admitted to Nkumba University to be considered for this scholarship.
7.    Complete scholarship application and upload it electronically via your online admissions portal or send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than May  7, 2016.


Dear Nkumba University Students,

We now have a student portal which you can access according to these guidelines. The portal will enable you generate payments for tuition and other payments that you may have to make. On the portal you will be able to view the following:

  • your financial transactions/reports,
  • your results,
  • your profile,
  • news from the University and other information as will be provided.

Please use this new service so that we can serve you better.