On 29 July 1951, Ssalongo Kintu a local merchant, invited two of his best friends to a meeting: Charles Kisitu Ffulu, the then Parish Chief of Nkumba, and Zefania Mpanga, a civil servant who resided in the area. Their meeting led to the establishment of a kindergarten for their infants. The school opened on 6 February 1952 with twelve pupils at Ffulu’s home. Within two years, the student population had grown to over 150. The kindergarten grew into a primary (elementary) school. Over the years, the school grew into a junior secondary (middle) school and a senior secondary (high) school. In 1969, the school became a vocational school. In 1974, the name of the school was changed to the Nkumba College of Commerce and Advanced Studies. Finally, in 1994, the board of trustees were approved by the Ministry of Education to transform the college into a university. Below is the photo of the Founders

The founders are represented by the foundation body who comprise of seven representatives of the families of the Principle founders of Nkumba Kindergarten and two persons that contributed to the different stages of the Kindergarten evolution.The representatives of the principle founders serve the trust upto the retirement age of 80 years. The foundation body functions and powers are:

  1. Appoint a Board of Trustees to work under the supervision of the foundation body;
  2. Appoint any person in their discretion to fill up any vacancies in the Board of Trustees;
  3. Supervise, monitor and approve the operation of the Board of Trustees and where necessary, cause investigation into the affairs of the Board of Trustees;
  4. Receive and review periodical reports submitted by the Board of Trustees for purposes of ensuring that the Trust diligently and lawfully pursues and achieves its objectives.


  1. Mr. Willy Kisitu Ffulu – Chairperson
  2. DLitt (Hon. Causa) Kintu Ben Kamya – Secretary
  3. Mr. Mohammed Kalyango – Member
  4. Eng. Dan Ssebugwawo – Member
  5. Mrs. Flavia Ssewagudde – Member
  6. Mr. David SSengendo Nvule – Member
  7. Mr. Edward Mulondo – Member