Nkumba University Council

Its responsibilities include determining the mission, objectives, goals, strategies and policies for the progress of the institution. It must also ensure an environment that is conducive to attaining these goals efficiently, effectively, economically and ethically.

In addition, the Council has the responsibility of maintaining and ensuring a financially secure, healthy and viable environment and is accountable for all decisions made at Nkumba University. For further details download Council Rules and Guidelines

The Nkumba University Council is chaired by Dr. Dalton Elijah Ssegawa

Below are the council members:

No. Names Status
1. Dr. Dalton Elijah Ssegawa Chairperson
2. Mr. David Ssengendo Vice-Chairperson
3. Prof. Jude T. Lubega Member/VC
4. H.E Toka Victor Given Member/Rep.Students’ Guild


6. Mr. Mohammed Kalyango Member/Trustee
7. Mr. Ben Kamya-Kintu Member/Trustee
8. Dr. Andrew Kidda-Makubuya Member/Trustee
9. Mr. Eddie Lule Kamya Member/Trustee
10. Mr. Robert Odok-Oceng Member/Rep MOES
11. Lt. Col. Robert Ssekidde Member/Private Sector
12. Mr. Paul Peter Mubiru Member/Private Sector
13. Mr. Jackson Ssonko Member/Rep. Alumni Association
14. Ms. Anita Muhirwe Malinga Member/Rep. Alumni Association
15. Dr. Ontegei Samson Omuudu Member/Public
16. Ms. Florence Namubiru Member/Public
17. Dr. Joyce Bukirwa Sessanga Member/Senate
18. Assoc. Prof. Francis Wazwarahi Bwengye Member/Senate
19. Mr. Naphtali Wakanyasi Member/Staff Association
20. Ms. Robinah Walube Member/Staff Association
21. Assoc. Prof. Francis Kasekende Secretary to Council

The University Council operates through its Rules and Procedures, and these are subject to the University Charter. The Council has committees that enable it to carry out its functions as per the Charter.

The following are the council committees:

  • Executive Committee
  • Establishment and Administration
  • SANC
  • Finance
  • PtDC
  • Estates and Works  TCC
  • SAC
  • Audit
  • University Senate