1. There shall be a University Senate, which shall be the supreme academic organ of the University consisting of:-
  2. The Vice Chancellor, who shall be the Chairperson
  3. One representative of the Board of Trustees
  4. Two representatives of the Council
  5. The Deputy Vice Chancellor
  6. The principal(s) of the Constituent College(s)
  7. The University Secretary
  8. The University Librarian
  9. Deans of School/Faculty and Directors of Institute and Heads of Department
  10. Professors elected from among Professors in the University provided that they shall not be more than five (05)
  11. One representative of the Academic Staff
  12. Three students’ representatives elected by students Guild one from each of the three academic programmes of the University namely the Day, Evening and Weekend.


  1. Appointed members of the Senate, other than those appointed under paragraphs (a), (d), (f), (g), (h) and (k) of Subsection (1) of this Section, shall hold office for a period of four years and shall be eligible for re-appointment.


1 Prof. Jude Lubega Vice-Chancellor/Chairperson
2 Prof. Francis Kasekende University Secretary/Member
3 Dr. Frank Pio Kiying Academic Registrar/Secretary
4 Mr. Francis Sengendo Director Quality Assurance/Member
5 Mr. Christopher Kimuli L. Dean of Students/Member
6 Mrs. F.L. Ssebbale University Librarian/Member
7 Assoc. Prof. Asiimwe Solomon Muchwa Director -DPSR/Member
8 Dr. Charles Edaku Director – Kampala Campus/Member
9 Prof. F.L. Orach-Meza Representing Professors/Member
10 Prof. J.C. Ssekamwa Representing Professors/Member
11 Ms. Robinah Walube NUSA Representative/Member
12 Dr. John Berchmans Byamukama Dean, SBA/Member
13 Assoc. Prof. Francis A. W. Bwengye Dean, SLAW/Member
14 Mr. Gordon Ainebyonna Ag. Director, ICJ/Member
15 Ms. Anne Abaho Dean, SOSS/Member
16 Mr. Charles Kaggwa L. Dean, SCIAD/Member
17 Dr. Esther Namugumya L. Ag. Dean, SEDU/Member
18 Dr. Barakagira Alex Dean, SCOS/Member
19 Sr. Lelelu Harriet Principal, Institute of Nursing and Midwifery
20 H.E. Toka Victor Given Guild President/Member