Clubs & Societies

The University welcomes the contribution made to student life by clubs, societies and other organisations. As a matter of fact, there are over 20 officially recognised clubs and societies covering a wide variety of interests available for you to join or attend. These are categorized as either Sports Clubs or Societies/ Associations.
We encourage freshmen (and continuing students) to choose at least two clubs or societies that fit their interests. From soccer to chess, and Rotaract to the Law Society, there is something for everybody. So, browse through our list, get contacts and visit some of these club fellowships. We guarantee that you’ll
fit-in somewhere.

Sports Clubs

  • Football (Men & Women)
  • Basketball (Men & Women)
  • Netball
  • Handball (Women)
  • Rugby
  • Athletics (Men & Women)
  • Badminton (Men & Women)
  • Chess (Men & Women)
  • Darts (Men & Women)
  • Pool table (Men & Women)

Societies & Associations

  • Nkumba University Law Society
  • Rotaract Club of Nkumba University
  • Nkoba za Mbogo Club of Nkumba University
  • Catholic Community
  • Muslim Students Association