End of Semester Guide

End of Semester Guide

This video has been created to guide you on the preliminary steps to take in preparation of your end of semester examinations. We’ve tried to answer the frequently asked questions by putting this compilation of tutorials together. So, let’s get started.

1. Make sure you have access to a university email. If you don’t have one, follow these steps to get one: a. Browse to the eLearning platform at elearning.nkumbauniversity.ac.ug b. On the navigation bar, click Check New Email c. Enter your details in the Google Sheet and submit. Your email shall be created in 1-2 days. d. To check if it is ready, browse to the eLearning platform again, and click Email List e. Once you find it, browse to gmail.com and log in like you usually do. Remember the default password for new email addresses is university. f. Great. Now, you have access over your email.

2. Make sure you have access to your eLearning account. If you don’t have one, follow these steps to create one:

a. Browse to the eLearning platform.

b. Select New Account

c. Fill in the required details. Pay attention to the username and password. You are required to enter a strong password; meaning it should contain both capital and small letters, a number and a character for example Nkumba@256. Take a picture of your password such that you don’t make a mistake while trying to login.

d. Under email, enter your new university email.

e. Click the Create my new account button.

f. A verification link shall be sent to your email.

g. Login to your university email and check the inbox. You should find an email from the eLearning System.

h. Open it and click the confirmation link provided.

i. And, that’s it. You have successfully created an eLearning account.

3. Incase you already have an eLearning account; you need to edit your profile and link your new university email to the NUELE account. Follow these steps to do that:

a. Log in to your NUELE account.

b. Click the user icon (red icon with your name – usually in the top right)

c. On the revealed menu, click Profile

d. Under User details, click Edit profile

e. Scroll down to Email address, and enter your university email and then click Update profile.

f. A confirmation link shall be sent to your email. So, login to your university email.

g. Check your inbox, open the sent message and click the link to confirm the change.

h. And that’s it, your NUELE and university email are linked.

4. How to access for the online exams

a. Log in to your NUELE account

b. Check under My Courses, you should be able to see *End of Semester Examinations*. But for purposes of practice, we shall use Sample End of Semester Exams.

c. Click it to reveal the exams.

d. Go to the desired exam and click the title

e. Read the instructions and scroll down to the exam file.

f. Click the link to download the file and open it to find your questions.

g. You are required to attempt the questions in Microsoft Word and save using your index number. Let’s do that and save it to this folder on the desktop.

h. Once you are ready to submit, go back to the exam link. But this time scroll down till you see Add Submission.

i. Now, drag and drop your answer file to the drop box and wait for it to get fully uploaded.

j. Click Save changes and you are good to go. Web: www.nkumbauniversity.ac.ug E-learning: elearning.nkumbauniversity.ac.ug

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