The 23rd graduation ceremony took place on Saturday, 13th February 2021 starting around 10.30 am. It was the first of its kind – having students graduate virtually (online) on TV, radio and social media. It was streamed on local radio and TV stations i.e. BBS TV, CBS FM, Zoom and YouTube for the online viewers. The event’s theme was, “Digital Innovations for Academic Excellence during COVID19 and beyond”.

In adherence to COVID19 SOPs, about 200 students (out of the 1312 graduands) were physically invited to the graduation grounds. A few other stake holders were also present e.g., members of the foundation body, university council, board of trustees, university management, some parents and other distinguished guests.

Unlike the other events, the graduation day started with a heavy downpour that prevented the event from starting at 9am as planned. However, once the rain reduced, all other activities went on successfully.

21-Commencement Lecture

Mr. Ambrose Kibuuka

we had our 21st commencement lecture on the theme; “Digital Innovations for Academic Excellence during COVID19 and beyond”. The speech was given by Mr. Ambrose Kibuuka – specialist in human performance systems. His topic was “Inaugurating a new era. ICT in Career growth.”

2020-Graduation Ceremony

Emmanuel Katongole

The Chancellor of Nkumba University, Mr Emmanuel Katongole, has implored graduates to become innovators and job creators if they want to succeed in life.

“Let’s all give our best in whatever we do so that the graduates are able to find their purpose and shape their new world. When you leave the gates of this university, don’t get discouraged, whatever you land on, go and do it, with the determination, you can succeed,” he said during the  23rd graduation ceremony.

Prof.Jude Lubega

The Vice Chancellor Prof. Jude Lubega said although the university faced many challenges in it’s operations due to the Covid 19 outbreak, it has been able to adapt to the new survival mechanisms brought by the virus.

“Grandaunts, learning how to think about the new world and making sure you have practical survival instincts, is the most valuable, knowledgeable fulfilling asset you have attained, in you education” he said.

Prof. Lubega said grandaunts need to adopt to the new digital employment era which has little job market.