Nkumba University Library (NUL) was established at the same time that Nkumba University started, in 1994. It is located within the main campus and its main objective is to support teaching, learning and research activities of the university. The stock collection of books, monographs and printed journals is about 25,000. The library covers three floors out of the projected  seven floors, and has a reading area of 340 users.



The staff of Nkumba University library share the following values:

(i) Excellence in service to all library as users;

(ii) Communication, co-operation and a sense of common purpose;

(iii) Accountability for carrying out goals and objectives effectively;

(iv) Intellectual freedom and the exchange of ideas;

(v) Customer focus;

(vi) Team work and

(vii) Professionalism in all library work.



(i) To develop, maintain and promote the library as an inviting, comfortable place where the university community reads, studies, conducts research, and participates in educational and cultural activities and programs. 

(ii) To develop, maintain and promote high quality print and electronic collections that are readily accessible.

(iii) To develop, maintain and promote user-centered services that anticipate and respond to the needs of the University community.

(iv) To maintain and promote a well-supported staff with the education, skills, tools and resources needed to promote the best services.

(v) To develop, maintain and promote learning and research partnerships within and beyond the University community.

(vi) To expand access to electronic materials through consortia and local agreements.

(vii) To develop the library website to improve access to digital resources from both within and outside the library.

(ix) To provide information literacy training to library users in order to encourage self-help, independent learning and knowledge discovery.

(x) To improve the level of knowledge and understanding of research library services and the value of those services to the achievement of the University’s mission.

(xi) To refine internal methods and instruments for the collection, recording and manipulation of information.