Our services are aimed at:

• Providing people with the information they need;

• Helping people to make informed decisions affecting their lives and their community;

• Contributing positively to national development.

The services we provide include:

a) 24/7 library service. The library opens 24 hours everyday Monday to Sunday.

However, no reading materials will be charged or discharged from 10.00pm to 7.00am.

The library staffed hours are 9.00a.m - 10.00a.m while the unstaffed hours are 10.00p.m -  9.00 a.m

b) Reference services

c) Reprographics (Photocopying, spiral binding and Printing services) at a fee.

d) Internet services. Services in this section are accessible to all students on a first come fist serve basis.  Access to the Internet is provided primarily for research and study purposes.  All students must adhere to the library policies on appropriate use of the computer sources.

d). User education

e).Circulation (short and Interlibrary loans)