Nkumba University is a body corporate granted a Charter by the Government of Uganda in 2006. The University is a private, non-denominational, non-profit institution whose governance is vested in the following organs:


  • The Board of Trustees;
  • The Chancellor; and,
  • The University Council.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees (BOT), committed to the promotion of Higher Education for national development, includes the following persons:

1. Mr. Edward Kasolo-Kimuli    - Chairperson.
2. Eng. Daniel N. Ssebugwawo - Vice Chairperson.
3. Mrs. Flavia S. Ssewagudde - Trustee/Honorary Treasurer.
4. Mr. Nelson E.N. Ssebugwawo - Member.
5. Mr. Levi S. K. Walusimbi - Trustee.
6. Mr. Christopher K. Sempa - Trustee
7. Ms. Phoebe N. A. Kintu - Trustee.
8. Mr. George W. Lutaaya-Kamya - Trustee/Secretary.

The University Council regularly informs the Board of Trustees about key developments regarding the Universit