The School of Sciences (SCOS) at Nkumba University aspires for academic excellence by offering relevant scientific knowledge and skills in research, teaching, and public service for sustainable development.  It is providing academic staff and students with the opportunity to understand the physical and natural world in order to discover answers to complex problems in the broad areas of life, physical and environmental sciences.


In SCOS, we focus on practical application of science in natural resources, in hospitality industry, and in other applied sciences.


The disciplines we target in natural resources are agri-business, sustainable agriculture, fisheries, wildlife, forestry, petroleum, minerals, and the environment; in hospitality we target tourism, hotel management and institutional catering, and home economics, while in other applied sciences we target public health, general nursing, environmental health, and financial engineering.


The course programmes are offered at Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Science, Bachelor of Science, Diploma, and Certificate levels.  At times, short courses are conducted in some of the areas.


In the Petroleum and Minerals sectors, the course in Petroleum and Minerals Management and Technology was initiated at Nkumba University on realization of the shortage of skilled human capacity in engineering, management, and technology within the sectors.  We are currently focusing more in filling the gaps in the management and the technology aspects of the industry rather than the engineering.  We expect to start the engineering course in the near future, (should financial resources permit).


Our adequate and highly qualified and experienced academic staff has been running these popular course programmes since they were introduced in the School of Sciences.  The demand for the graduates in the job market is causing rapid increase in competitive admissions into the programmes at Nkumba University.


By Prof. Faustino L. Orach-Meza

Dean, School of Sciences