Items may be borrowed by registered members but rules must be adhered to:

  • A fine of Ushs 5,000/= shall be paid for each day a book becomes overdue.
  • After 1 (one) week the privilege to use the library will be withdrawn until the overdue book is returned and the fine paid.

  • If a book is lost or damaged, a user is required to pay the replacement cost, and an administration charge of 50% of the book.

  • A staff member who fails to return overdue books, ninety days(90)  after they become overdue, may have to pay the replacement and administration costs of those books. The privilege to borrow can be withdrawn until all the books have been returned and any outstanding fines have been paid.

  • Any user whose phone rings in the library shall be charged a fine of Ushs 20,000/= only.

  • Any library user who makes noise disturbing others is fined a fee of Ushs 20,000/=.

  • Replacement of lost library cards shall be at a cost of Ushs 5,000/= per card.