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  • Nkumba University hosts Kabaka's 26th Coronation Anniversary

Part of the exhibition during the International Women’s Day celebrations at Nkumba University on 22nd March 2019.  

During the International Women’s Day celebrations held at Nkumba University on 22nd March 2019, over eight million shillings was raised in cash and pledges towards enhancing health and sanitation at Nnaabagereka hall of residence.

Nnaabagereka hostel, which accommodates 300 female students within the University main campus in Entebbe, requires repairs and renovations worth Ushs. 32 million.

The Women’s Day celebrations at Nkumba University, whose theme was “Balance for Better”, are part of a series of activities to mark 25 years of the existence of the University.  

The Guest of Honor, Ms Agnes Nansereko, Executive Director, Engage All Africa, contributed Ushs. 2 million, and undertook to mobilize other institutions to support the renovations of Nnaabagereka hostel. 

In addition, over three million shillings was raised in the auction of three art pieces from the School of Commercial, Industrial Art and Design, among which was a portrait of the Nnaabagereka of Buganda, Lady Sylvia Nagginda. 

“Being a woman is not just being a mother,” Ms Nansereko said. “We hold the dreams and future for our children as well as the nation. We should not give up on our dreams because that would mean giving up on the future of the nation.” 

Ms Nansereko is an Alumna of Nkumba University. She was accompanied by her colleague, Ms Vicky Kahunde, who also studied at Nkumba University.  

Ms Agnes Nansereko (L), Executive Director, Engage All Africa, was Guest of Honor at the International Women’s Day celebrations at Nkumba University held on 22nd March 2019. With her is a colleague, Ms Vicky Kahunde. Both studied at Nkumba University.

The Women’s Day celebrations at Nkumba University were attended by staff and students of the University, representatives of the surrounding communities, including pupils and students from the neighboring primary and secondary schools. The University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Wilson Muyinda Mande, and the Academic Registrar, Prof. Andrew Peters Yiga, attended. 

Ms Namale Elsie Nsereko, who is the Nnaabagereka Hall Warden and was the Chairperson of the Women’s Day Organizing Committee, noted that the University held women issues in high esteem. She recalled that the International Women’s Day started in 1911 and was recognized as such by the United Nations (UN) in 1974. Ms Nsereko noted that it was worthwhile to celebrate women achievements, women roles, along with their men. She underlined that gender was not just about women but entailed men as well.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Muyinda Mande, noted that women were the mothers of every nation. He observed that educating women through institutions like Nkumba University translated into the education of the entire nation.  



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