The School of Post Graduate Studies and Research (SPGSR) in Nkumba University provides quality research and expert graduate training. In addition to expert training in your field of study, we offer tools to help you shape your journey from extraordinary opportunities in mentoring and intensive professional development to key steps for completing a degree in time and more.

Graduate students are encouraged to discover new knowledge needed to make our world a better place. 

Become the future… Choose one of our several Post Graduate courses below:

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School of Business Administration

Ph.D Programme

Master of Business Administration
MSc. Accounting and Finance
MSc. Management
MSc. Marketing
MSc. Banking and Finance
MSc. Human Resource Management
Masters in Taxation Management
Masters in Procurement and Logistics Management
MSc. Computing and Information Systems
MSc. Information Technology

PGD in Office Management and Secretarial Studies
PGD in Human Resource Management
PGD in Taxation Management

School of Sciences

PhD Programme

MSc. in Tourism Planning and Managment
Msc. in Environmental Health
MSc. in Natural Resources Management

PGD in Environment Impact Assessment

School of Social Sciences

PhD Programme

MA. Development Studies
MA. Community-Based Development
MA. in Human Rights and Human Development
Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy
MA. in Public Administration and Management
MA. in Security and Strategic Studies
MA. in Project Management

PGD in Development Studies
PGD in Community-Based Development
PGD in International Relations and Diplomacy
PGD in Public Administration and Management m
PGC in Instructional Strategies and Management at University and Other Tertiary Institutions

School of Education, Humanities and Sciences

PhD. Programme

MA. Education Management and Planning
MA. in Counselling
PGD in Education Management and Planning
PGD in Education
PGD in Counselling