Is ADF Islam?

Is ADF Islam?

Since 9/11, terrorism has been in many ways Islamised and has resulted in the
conflation of Islam with terrorism. In the US, research has shown that terrorism
involving a Muslim perpetrator generates around 375% more attention than when the
culprit is a non-Muslim. Perhaps, the most classic exemplification of the Islamisation
of terrorism is the cartoon by Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine (and before
Hebdo in Danish cartoon magazines), which in 2015 portrayed the Prophet
Muhammad as a terrorist—strapping himself with bombs instead of wearing a turban.
Perhaps, the seeming association of terrorism and Islam is owing to the fact that most
terror organisations around the world today claim to be Islamic. Al Qaeda, IS, Boko
Haram, Al Shabab, and ADF, all are led by individuals who claim to subscribe to Islam
and use the Quranic verses to defend their acts.

Following the ADF’s deadly serial attacks on Uganda in November 2021, the UPDF, in
conjunction with the DRC’s military, levied a military campaign against the ADF.
However, there is a real likelihood that the military approach will have a limited effect.
It always has. Whereas the military option may overrun the ADF’s camps in the DRC, it
may not completely eliminate the threat so long as the ADF retains the capacity to
attract recruits who believe its ideological bent. We have seen it before. Although Al
Qaeda and IS have been diminished militarily, they have not been crushed and they
continue to wreak havoc around the world.

This seminar will seek to interrogate whether the ADF can be extricated from Islam
and to propose what the government of Uganda needs to do to remove the ADF threat.
The Seminar will entail a presentation of a scholarly paper, which will be followed by
discussions by a scholar and a Muslim cleric.

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