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Nkumba University – Kampala campus here after referred to as NUK was opened in September, 2015 after accreditation by NCHE. NUK welcomes you to the centre of academic excellence. We boast of competent staff and quality services we offer to our clients – the students. NUK is an institution you join to pursue your studies and be certain that you will finish and never remain the same. We nurture and build students’ competences as we prepare them for world of work.

NUK runs well selected and highly rated academic programmes in the field of Social Sciences, Business and Education. We have three [3] competitive study sessions namely: Day, Weekend and Evening. Our main admissions are in January, August and May.

We are located in the heart of Kampala City – the Capital of Uganda, along Kabaka Anjagala road in Mengo.

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“Experience academic excellence at Nkumba University’s Kampala campus (NUK), opened in 2015 and accredited by NCHE. Offering a variety of well-selected and highly-rated academic programs in the fields of Social Sciences, Business, and Education, with flexible study options including day, weekend, and evening classes. Our main admissions are in January, August and May. Located in the heart of Kampala city, along Kabaka Anjagala road in Mengo, join us at NUK and transform your career prospects and personal growth.”

More Information about the Schools

Nkumba University – Kampala Campus, also known as NUK, is a center of academic excellence located in the heart of Kampala City, Uganda’s capital. Established in September 2015 and accredited by the National Council for Higher Education, NUK offers a wide range of academic programs in Social Sciences, Business, and Education. With three competitive study sessions – Day, Weekend, and Evening – and main admissions in January, August, and May, NUK is dedicated to providing quality education and services to its students. Our staff is highly competent, and we are committed to nurturing and building student competencies as we prepare them for the world of work. NUK is located along Kabaka Anjagala road in Mengo, and we welcome you to join us and pursue your studies at our institution and be certain that you will finish and never remain the same.

  • Philosophy of SCOS
  • To Provide Students with a Learning and Recreational Environment that Enables Inculcation of Confidence, Competence, Creativity and Character, all of which are essential for an individuals’ success and self-fulfillment in the society.
  • Vision
  • To Impart Scientific Knowledge to Students and also get involved in Research activities and Publications to enhance the image of Nkumba University as a Centre of Academic and Professional Excellence at Regional and Global spheres.
  •  Mission
  • To offer relevant Knowledge and Skills in Scientific Fields for Sustainable Development.

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