Nkumba University held an Annual Fundraising Dinner

Nkumba University held an Annual Fundraising Dinner

Nkumba University, one of the leading universities in Uganda, held its Annual Fundraising Dinner on December 16th, 2022, with the Prime Minister of Uganda as the chief guest. The event was organized by the university’s administration with the main objective of improving the infrastructure and learning environment at Nkumba University.

The Vice Chancellor of Nkumba University, Professor Jude Lubega, emphasized the importance of the fundraising dinner and the role it plays in enhancing the university’s facilities and providing students with a better learning experience. He also highlighted the significance of investing in the university’s infrastructure as it will attract more students, leading to the university’s overall growth and development.

The Annual Fundraising Dinner was a success, with many prominent figures and businesses in attendance. The funds raised will be used to improve the university’s infrastructure, including the construction of new buildings, renovation of existing facilities, and the purchase of new equipment. This will enhance the learning environment for students and provide them with the necessary resources to excel in their studies.



The prime minister of Uganda ,Robinah Nabbanja at The Nkumba University dinner

In addition to the physical infrastructure, the funds will also be used to improve the university’s digital infrastructure, such as the installation of high-speed internet, upgrading of computer labs, and the provision of e-learning resources. This will enable students to access the latest information and knowledge, and stay competitive in today’s digital world.

The event also provided an opportunity for the university to showcase its achievements and plans for the future. The university administration outlined its vision and mission, and how the funds raised will be used to achieve these goals. This transparency is essential in building trust and support among donors, sponsors, and the general public.

In conclusion, the Annual Fundraising Dinner at Nkumba University was a great success and will go a long way in improving the infrastructure and learning environment at the university. The university administration and staff are committed to ensuring that the funds raised are used efficiently and effectively to achieve the university’s goals and provide students with the best possible education. Donors, sponsors, and members of the public are encouraged to support the university’s fundraising efforts, as it will have a positive impact on the future of the university and its students.

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