Nkumba University Research Ethics Committee (NUREC)

NUREC was established so as to give independent supervision, direction, and resolution (for of “approval/ recommendation/ stipulation/disapproval”) on the academic research, health research and other specific research protocols involving human participants. 

The NUREC is an independent body that is composed of both scholarly scientists and non-scientists that are involved in reviewing protocol from all disciplines. This committee reviews all types of biomedical, social, ethnographic and political science protocols/proposals.

By practice, the committee embraces diverse backgrounds in qualification, training and experience to achieve adequate review of science and ethics in the stipulated protocols and research usually conducted at Nkumba University.


To ensure the highest possible ethical standards in the conduct of research carried out in Uganda.


  • To develop and implement policies which uphold and advance the current highest standards for the ethical conduct of research involving humans and animals.
  • To promote a science of ethical responsibility through education and training of the research community.

Submitting your proposal

Individuals/Researchers intending to submit their protocols to NUREC for ethical review and approval should contact the NUREC Secretariat who will provide the necessary documentation needed for submission. This includes the application form, proposal format, fees structure, as well as other documents needed by NUREC.


NUREC is comprised of 13 active members; including a Community Representative who devotes their time to the protection of human and vertebrate animal research participants. The reviewers are highly qualified and experienced researchers whose mandate is to critically review protocols submitted and ensure the protection of research participants.

Name IRC Designation
Dr. Frank Pio Kiyingi, PhD Chair person
Mrs. Nanyondo Neoline Secretary
Prof. Orach Meza Faustine Member
Prof. Miph Musoke Member
Associate Prof. Richard Mwirumubi Member
Dr. Solomon Asiimwe M, PhD Member
Dr. Robinah Mirembe, PhD Member
Dr. Norman Nsereko, PhD Member
Dr. Joyce Ssesanga, PhD Member
Dr. Patricia Okiria, PhD Member- Community representative
Associate Prof. Frederick Bakkabulindi Member-Community representative