Bachelor Of Arts In Public Administration And Management

Program Overview

The School offers and undergraduate programme leading to a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and Management. The degree provides candidate with the understanding and skills necessary to apply the knowledge of Public Administration and Management as a societal function attending to information resources, human resources, capital resources and all other factors of production. The manner in which these public resources can be productively, efficiently and perhaps efficiently managed to produce the good service so that man lives a good life is a main concern of this programme.

Course Duration: 3 Years

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here are some career path options for a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Management:

  1. Government Administrator: Public administration graduates are often employed by government agencies in various administrative roles. They may work as city managers, public policy analysts, budget analysts, or personnel managers, among other positions.
  2. Non-profit Administrator: Non-profit organizations also require professionals with skills in public administration and management to run their operations smoothly. Graduates can work in non-profit organizations as program managers, executive directors, or development directors.
  3. Human Resource Manager: Public administration graduates can also work in human resource departments in both public and private sectors. They can serve as HR generalists, recruiting specialists, training and development managers, or compensation and benefits specialists.
  4. Public Relations Specialist: Public administration graduates can work as public relations specialists in government agencies, non-profits, and corporations. They can help organizations communicate their policies, programs, and initiatives to the public.
  5. Lobbyist: Public administration graduates can also work as lobbyists, representing organizations or interest groups to government officials. They can use their knowledge of government policies, regulations, and procedures to advocate for their clients.
  6. Research Analyst: Public administration graduates can work as research analysts in government agencies, non-profits, or think-tanks. They can conduct research on public policies, programs, and initiatives, and provide recommendations to decision-makers.
  7. Program Coordinator: Public administration graduates can work as program coordinators, overseeing programs and initiatives in government agencies, non-profits, or private corporations. They can be responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating programs.

Direct Entry Scheme

At least 5 passes at Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent;

At least 2 principal passes at Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent.


Diploma holders

  1. Hold a Credit or Second-Class Diploma in the relevant field from a recognized institution as determined by the University Senate.
  2. At least a Pass (50%) in Mature Entry Examinations.


Mature age Entry

  1. The applicant should be 25 years of age and above;
  2. Must have passed mature age entry examinations organized by the National Council for Higher Education.



  1. A certificate obtained after 2 years of post UCE study;
  2. Any equivalent qualifications besides UCE and UACE.

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