Bachelor Of Science In Wildlife And Forestry Management

Program Overview

Programme rationale 

Due to overexploitation of the wildlife resource base, the wildlife course form Nkumba University is designed to train, skill and promote the next generation of wildlife managers, conservationists, researchers, scholars, and wildlife law enforcement officials at the highest scientific level in a truly inter-disciplinary and multi-cultural harmonious environment to tackle conservation challenges.

Objectives of Course Programme

The course is intended to equip the student with:

    • Leadership skills in wildlife management,
    • Managerial skills in wildlife management, and


  • Conservation advocacy and research skills. 


 Programme Expected Learning Outcomes 

  • The programme is expected to produce competent leaders in the wildlife sub-sector who can apply knowledge for conservation development,
  • The programme is expected to produce all-round wildlife managers who can appreciate wildlife conservation and tackle conservation challenges,
  • This programme shall produce wildlife advocacy experts, knowledgeable on the wildlife laws, and
  • The programme shall produce wildlife researchers and extension workers and law enforcers who are ready to create awareness about the plight of wildlife resources

Course Duration: 3 Years

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