Diploma In Business Administration

Program Overview

The Diploma of Business Administration (abbreviated as DBA). One of the areas of specialisation under this programme is Banking, Insurance and Finance. It is designed to prepare students for practical work in the Business Administration environment. It provides students with the ability to identify and analyse business problems. The programme is also designed for those who wish to progress into undergraduate programmes in any field of study.


The Banking, Insurance and Finance specialization aims at equipping graduates with managerial and financial management skills needed in the competitive running of various institutions in the financial and insurance sectors of an economy. The following are the objectives of the programme:

1. To prepare future Financial Institutions and Insurance Managers capable of developing organizational market share and quality service delivery
2. To equip the students with the skills needed to design and implement financial strategies.
3. To produce graduates capable of gathering, accumulating, analyzing, and evaluating information about customers and customer orientation strategies.
4. To produce graduates who have the knowledge and ability to identify,diagnose and manage risks.

Course Duration: 2 Years

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These are based on the University admission requirements which are in turn
within the national standard set by the National Council for Higher Education
in Uganda.
For admission to DBA programme, the applicant should meet one of two
avenues that have been approved by the University’s senate.
(a) Direct Entry Scheme
A successful candidate should have:
(i) Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with a minimum of 5
(ii) At least 1 principal pass and 2 subsidiaries at Uganda Advanced
Certificate of Education (UACE) obtained at the same sitting or its
(b) Certificate holders
Certificate from a recognized institution at credit/distinction level
in the relevant field plus Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE)
with a minimum of 5 passes at the same sitting or its equivalent.

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