Master Of Science In Natural Resources Management

Program Overview

The Master of Science in Natural Resources Management is a TWO-YEAR interdisciplinary programme. The studies provide means for a deeper understanding of sustainable use and management of natural resources, as well as improved leadership and communication skills. Within the programme, students get acquainted with natural resources management related topics like land use planning and management, wildlife, fisheries, and forestry resources management, natural resources economics, disaster assessment and management, eco-balancing and decision-support systems, geographical information systems, environmental remote sensing, food security, public services and housing provision, urban and community-based management, and others.  It is possible to add elective modules such as integrated water resource management and renewable energy management It is especially designed to give the students an understanding of the importance of management for sustainable use of natural resources, an understanding of the connections and the ability to communicate between different disciplines and actors.



Course Duration: 2 Years

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