PhD in Education Management

Program Overview

A PhD in Education is intended to be awarded to a person who has got a holistic view of Education and whose area of research specialization shall fit within the framework of Education, showing original contribution to the area of study which a student may choose to specialize in through research. Such areas shall include, Educational Psychology, Curriculum, Comparative Education, Education Development, Economics of Education, Sociology of Education, Philosophy of Education, Leadership in Education, Gender in Education,  Education in Vocationalization, Environment Education, Special Needs Education, Chemistry Education, Biology Education and Mathematics Education.

This PhD Programme is designed for a student to use his/her knowledge of Education to dig deeper  in one of the areas of educational ramifications and provide new insights in it for solving Educational needs in that area or provide guidelines of approach in that aspect of educational area.

There will also be training in research at a higher level.  This training in advanced research methods through seminars, workshops and conferences will assist the student to carry out his/her research and also to equip him/her with skills needed in conducting different  kinds of research and in effective writing skills and in analytical skills in order to produce material worthy publishing.

Course Duration: 3 Years

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In order to enhance the quality of PhD education, Nkumba University, establishes acceptable standards and guidelines for the same. This has been recognised as an important process of establishing sustainable internal quality assurance mechanisms and system that will ensure that the awards of the University meet national, regional and global standards of excellence. Click here for full guidelines

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