PhD in Natural Resources Management

Course Overview

Management of Natural Resources is a field encompassing the policies and strategies society uses to safely manage the environment in a sustainable way.  The Doctor of Philosophy programme in Natural Resource Management at the School of Sciences is research based and supports the pursuit of either highly focused courses of study or ones that broadly address complex and interdisciplinary issues. Under this broad programme, students will be able to develop project proposals to focus on study areas like the following natural resources, namely, wildlife, forestry, Fisheries, plants, land use, environment, wetlands, water quality, etc.

The programme will be taught by a cross-section of social and natural scientists. The candidates will learn to apply biological, social and physical sciences to the conservation, preservation and management of natural resources. The programme will address how human beings have affected the natural resources and the environment and how social policies can be adjusted to preserve those resources.

Completing a doctoral degree programme can lead to careers in academia, research, project planning and management, and policy-making.

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