PhD in Public Health

Program Overview

The PhD in Public Health at SCOS is a programme that supports the pursuit of highly focused courses of study that broadly address complex and interdisciplinary issues in the Health field. Under this broad programme, students will be able to develop project proposals to focus on various study areas in broad area of Health Science: namely, Zoonoses habitat related infections, water borne infections, airborne infections various NCDS.


The candidates will learn to apply biological, social and associate health sciences in the control and prevention of various diseases and prolonging life.

Completing a doctoral degree programme can lead to careers in academia, research, project planning and management, and policy-making. In the case of a PhD in Public Health, the holder can increase his/her output in disease control and management.


Course Duration: 3 Years

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here are some career path options for someone with a PhD in Public Health:

  1. Public Health Researcher: With a PhD in Public Health, graduates can pursue a career as a public health researcher. Public health researchers conduct studies and investigations to identify the causes of diseases, assess risk factors, and develop interventions to prevent or treat health problems.
  2. Public Health Educator: Public health educators work to promote healthy behaviours and prevent disease through community education and outreach. With their knowledge of public health issues and communication strategies, graduates can become public health educators in government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and healthcare settings.
  3. Epidemiologist: Epidemiologists study the incidence, distribution, and control of diseases in populations. With their expertise in research methods and statistics, graduates with a PhD in Public Health can become epidemiologists in government agencies, healthcare organizations, and academic institutions.
  4. Health Policy Analyst: Health policy analysts work to evaluate and develop healthcare policies that promote public health and improve healthcare delivery. With their knowledge of health systems and policy analysis, graduates can become health policy analysts in government agencies, advocacy organizations, and consulting firms.
  5. Global Health Specialist: With their knowledge of global health issues and cross-cultural communication, graduates with a PhD in Public Health can become global health specialists. These professionals work to develop and implement public health initiatives in low- and middle-income countries, addressing issues such as infectious diseases, maternal and child health, and environmental health.
  6. Public Health Consultant: With their expertise in public health issues and program evaluation, graduates can become public health consultants. Public health consultants provide advice and guidance to organizations on public health strategies and program implementation.
  7. Health Services Researcher: Health services researchers study healthcare systems, including access to care, quality of care, and healthcare costs. With their knowledge of research methods and healthcare systems, graduates with a PhD in Public Health can become health services researchers in academic institutions, government agencies, and healthcare organizations.

These are just a few examples of the many career paths available to someone with a PhD in Public Health. It’s essential to note that these careers are not mutually exclusive, and there may be opportunities to move between them throughout a person’s caree


In order to enhance the quality of PhD education, Nkumba University, establishes acceptable standards and guidelines for the same. This has been recognised as an important process of establishing sustainable internal quality assurance mechanisms and system that will ensure that the awards of the University meet national, regional and global standards of excellence. Click here for full guidelines

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