Research Projects

Stay updated on the latest research projects at Nkumba University on our Research Projects page. Discover the diverse range of research being conducted by our esteemed faculty and students across all disciplines. Learn about the impact and significance of each project, and find out how you can get involved. Nkumba University is a leader in research and innovation, and our research projects are a testament to the exceptional talent and dedication of our community. Join us and be a part of shaping the future through groundbreaking research at Nkumba University.

In its Strategic Plan 2007/8- 2011/12 and 2013/14 – 2023/24, Nkumba University identified “Strengthening Research and Publishing” as one of its priority objectives to be achieved. The University commits Ugx.60 million to be used to award 6 research grants of 10 Million to each research team every year. This has been going on since 2009. The research funds (60million) is about 0.3% of the total University Budget.

In addition to internal funds provided by the University, the Senior Staff have also secured some funding from external funding agencies.

Completed Research

Year School Name of the Project Principal Investigator (PI) Completion Date
2009/10 SBA “Entrepreneurship Development and Customer Care: A case of Businesses in Nkumba and Entebbe” Dr. R. Mwirumubi 2015
2009/10 SEHS The Effect of Legal Framework on the Quality of Early Childhood Care and Education Development in Entebbe Municipality” Mrs. D. Kabugo 2015
2009/10 SOSS “An Assessment of the Effectiveness of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Service Provision in Blessing Communities: The Case of Landing Sites in Entebbe” Assoc Prof . M. Mawa 2015
2009/10 SCIAD Visual art skills and activities towards enhancing teaching. How to begin reading and writing of early childhood education in Uganda.” Miss. J. W Mukasa 2015
2009/10 SCOS “Uganda’s Fish Export Promotion and its effect on Lake Victoria Fishing Communities” Prof. Orach-Meza 2015

ongoing Research

Year School Name of Project Principal Investigator (PI) Completion Date
2021 SCIAD and UNIVIE in Austria Transnational Action on Traditional Knowledge Ethos in Strategic Human Development Assoc. Prof. Catherine Gombe and Assoc. Prof. Michelle Proyer 2024
2010/11 SEHS “The involvement of the school community in the management of school Generated waste in selected secondary schools in Kampala.”

Mr. E.S. Kiwanuka


Still on-going
2010/11 SBA “The current praxi of middle management in the enhancement of quality education in universities.”

Prof. W.M. Mande


Still on-going
2010/11 SEHS “The relevance of community service in criminal justice systems of Uganda as Applied in Entebbe Magistrate area.”

Miss. B. Namata


Still on-going
2010/11 SCIAD “A Feasibility study of therapeutic visual arts process in the counseling and care HIV/AIDS patients. A case study of TASO Mulago Entebbe center.”

Mr. C. Kaggwa


Still on-going
2010/11 SEHS “Mitigating factors influencing the performance of Primary top students in Uganda; a trace study of academic excellence of primary, secondary and university students between 1998 and 2008.”


Prof J.C. Ssekamwa


Still on-going

(changed study area)

2010/11 SCOS “Tourism strategy for sustainable development.   A case study of Entebbe Municipality and its environs, Wakiso District.”


Prof. Eric Edroma


Team member to follow up
2011/12 SCOS A research study towards realizing an environmental policy at Nkumba University, Uganda.

Assoc. Prof. M. P. Musoke


Still on-going
2011/12 SOSS An Assessment of the domestication of EALA policies that promote East African Integration by the National Assemblies of Member States. Mr. Barenzi George Still on-going
2011/12 SCIAD Experimenting with diverse local clays to develop decorative fragmented mosaic motifs and works.

Assoc Prof. A. P. Yiga


Still on-going
2011/12 SCOS General Ecosystem Modeling for predicting basic productivity of Lake Victoria.

Prof F. Orach-Meza


Still on-going
2011/12 SEHS Conflict resolution mechanisms and organisation culture.

Mr. Kibuuka Peter


Still on-going
2011/12 SBA From University to work place: A tracer study of Nkumba University Alumni 1998-2010.

Prof. W.M. Mande


Still on-going
2014/15 SCIAD Application of digital media/computer animations as effective teaching media to shorten the learning curve in the Schools/center. Mr. James Wevugira Ssemanobe Still on-going
2014/15 SEHS The reading and writing culture in university education. A case study of School of Education, Humanities & Sciences. Mr. Simon Peter Ongodia Still on-going
2014/15 SOSS The state of research in universities in Uganda. The case of private universities in Uganda. Assoc. Prof. Micheal Mawa Still on-going
2014/15 SBA

Micro financing and growth of small business in Katabi Sub-County, Wakiso District, Uganda.


Mr. Lwanga Musisi Abubaker Still on-going

External Organisations

Year School Name of Project Principal Investigator (PI)



Completion Date
2021 SCIAD and UNIVIE in Austria Transnational Action on Traditional Knowledge Ethos in Strategic Human Development Assoc. Prof. Catherine Gombe and Assoc. Prof. Michelle Proyer

OeAD through AfricaUniNet, Austria.

€ 20,000. 


2013 SOSS

“Mapping the substantive representation of women in the Ugandan Legislature: Unpacking contextual factors that propel policy success /failure of female change agents”.


Dr. Robinah Mirembe and

Asiimwe Solomon

USAID State University of New York



2008 SEHS “A gender perspective to enhancing wealth creation for poverty alleviation among small scale fishers in the lake Victoria Basin”.

Prof. Peter Kibas (Kenya) and Mrs. Dorothy Kabugo

Nkumba University

CIDA-SAREC Through Inter-University Council of East Africa


US$ 150,000

2011 SCOS Eternal consultancy on water Resources in the IGAD Sub-Region Prof F. Orach-Meza

African Development Bank

US$ 600,000


2007 SCOS Presidential Oluwoko Malaria Project

Assoc Prof. M. P. Musoke


Office of the President (Uganda)


US$ 800,000


Still on-going