Dr. John Berchmans Byamukama


Message From the Dean

I am elated to be part of this auspicious event barely 8 months into my service at Nkumba University. It is indeed an honor to bear witness to the personal achievements of all graduates in your respective disciplines. Allow me to applaud and give thanks to the almighty for enabling us to witness this day and further congratulate our parents, sponsors, guardians, staff that have very selflessly journeyed with you over the years to this remarkable point that is registered in the records of this University.


The knowledge, skills, competencies and values received as students in the School of Business Administration and Information Technology are critical for your success and we trust that with them, you would be able to make valuable contributions out there. Learning is a continuous activity, and do not end at these degrees, diplomas and certificates but continuously seek to acquire new knowledge and utilize it to the betterment of your livelihoods and the communities around you.  As a university, we are confident that you will raise high the flag of Nkumba University, and be recognized amidst peers for your competencies, confidence and creativity.

Lastly, our alumni, social networks are very instrumental in navigating opportunities out there. Our prayers and blessings are with you as you gain entrance into the world of work. Take courage and always strive to be make a difference in your lives and the entire human race.




1. The Department of Accounting and Finance;
2. The Department of Computing and Information Technology;
3. The Department of Human Resource Management;
4. The Department of Marketing and Procurement; and
5. The Department of Office Administration, Secretarial and Information

Administrative Assistant


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  • Diploma in Information Technology
  • Advanced Certificate in Office Management
  • Ordinary Certificate in Business Administration


UBTEB Programmes (S.4 – Leavers)

  1. National Certificate in Accounting and Finance
  2. National Certificate in Business Administration
  3. National Certificate in Clearing and Forwarding
  4. National Certificate in Information and Communications Technology
  5. National Certificate in Library and Information Science
  6. National Certificate in Procurement and Logistics 
  7. National Certificate in Secretarial and Office Management
  8. National Certificate in Records and Information Management
  9. National Certificate in Computer Maintenance and Repair
  10. National Certificate in Human Resource Management

Studying at Nkumba University

“Nkumba University offers the best services, conducive learning environment .Will forever be grateful for this fun-filled and enriching experience”

Nankunda Christine

Bachelor of Business Administration | 3rd Year

More Information about the Schools

The School of Business Administration (SBA) is one of the fast growing
schools at Nkumba University and a leading provider of business
education in Uganda.

The school was set up in 1994 at the time when Nkumba was established
into a university having transformed from a Business. It offers market
driven postgraduate and undergraduate programmes under four key
study arrangements of day, evening, weekend and distance. Currently
the programmes offered include Business Administration (with several
areas of specialization), Procurement and Logistics Management,Office Management and Secretarial Studies, Taxation Management,
Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Multi-Lingual
Secretarial studies and administration, Records and Information
Management, Professional Accounting courses and a variety of
Computing and Information Technology programmes. Also offered
are short-term customer tailored programmes in Business Education

The school periodically reviews and revises (where appropriate) its
programmes to take into account the dynamics of the environment
where it operates, and the needs of the prevailing society. Emphasis
is put on students’ participation in the learning process and in the
generation of knowledge.

As a leading school, it always positions itself based on the university’s
mission of widening access to University Education as well as its own
mission, vision and strategies

  • Mission
    To produce business graduates who are informed, and can think critically, communicate effectively; act responsibly and ethically in an increasingly challenging business environment through prudent management of academic and professional activities.
  • Vision
    To be the leader in business education in the university sector in the Great Lakes Region

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