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The School of Commercial Industrial Art and Design (SCIAD) at Nkumba University offers high skill interdisciplinary education combining practice based learning, research and business skills in Art and Design. The curriculum has a wide spectrum of disciplines that enable learners to acquire a highly integral professional attitude since the academic choices they make fit into their passion and career dreams. Many SCIAD graduates serve in public and formal sectors but nearly 80% are in self employment with innovative solutions to societal dynamics. Learning in SCIAD programmes is facilitated by a high caliber staff, specialized design studios and a network of training partners from Ugandan businesses who support in on-the job training. Furthermore, SCIAD has international collaborations that enable staff and student mobility to different parts of the world, to acquire and share knowledge. The European Union through its programme of Erasmus+ and the German agency of DAAD are significant partners in this collaboration.

One’s dream career training can be accessed at SCIAD through several study levels namely; Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors and Masters. Admission to PhD in Art and Design is through the Postgraduate Directorate of Nkumba University.

Certificate programme focuses on Craft Design skill development and learning options are either 1 or 2 years of study. Graduates can opt to start work after graduation or can upgrade to other academic levels. The 2 year Diploma programmes available are 3, described as follows: Interior and Landscape Design (ILD) which empowers learners with knowledge and skills regarding designing aesthetic and sustainable human environments both at home, the workplace and hospitality centres; Graphic Digital Design (GDD) programme which opens one’s mind to the possibilities available in the digital communication design industry. The computer is a critical tool in this study programme as it focuses on technology driven approaches in visual communication; The Vocational Art and Design (VAD) programme gives learners the opportunity to develop core skills that can be applied in dexterous enterprises such as textile production, ceramic industry, craft production, tailoring, jewellery production among many. The career prospects for all diploma programmes are high since they are self fulfilling with numerous employment and business opportunities available regionally and internationally.

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Mr.Ssegawa Vincent

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  • PhD in Art and Design 
  • Masters of Arts in Commercial Industrial Art & Design
  • Bachelor of Commercial Art
  • Bachelor of Graphics Communication Design
  • Bachelor of Fashion and Textile Design
  • Diploma in Graphic Digital Design
  • Diploma in Vocational Art and Design

Ordinary Certificate in Commercial, Industrial Art and Design

Studying at Nkumba University

“I have had lovely experiences here. I’ve made great friends. met helpful lecturers from Nkumba University and have started to appreciate Ugandan culture. I encourage everyone out there to come study here at Nkumba University.”

Queen Yvette

Bachelor of Business Administration | 3rd Year

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Unlock your full potential and unleash your creativity with the School of Commercial Industrial Art and Design at Nkumba University.

Our program offers a unique blend of traditional and digital art techniques, providing students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the competitive world of art and design.

With state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and a focus on innovation, we are the top choice for students looking to pursue a career in this field. Apply now and join our community of artists and designers, and become part of the future of Ugandan art and design industry.

  • Philosophy of SCOS
  • To Provide Students with a Learning and Recreational Environment that Enables Inculcation of Confidence, Competence, Creativity and Character, all of which are essential for an individuals’ success and self-fulfillment in the society.
  • Vision
  • To Impart Scientific Knowledge to Students and also get involved in Research activities and Publications to enhance the image of Nkumba University as a Centre of Academic and Professional Excellence at Regional and Global spheres.
  •  Mission
  • To offer relevant Knowledge and Skills in Scientific Fields for Sustainable Development.

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