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Dr. John Paul Kasse



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Who We Are

I warmly welcome you to the school of computing and informatics (SCI). The school looks forward to being a model computing and informatics school within the region through training, research and innovations. As a school, we are dedicated and focussed to be at the forefront of computing training and research within NU and beyond.

We are purposed as the Centre of Excellence to provide quality teaching, training and learning in an established amiable environment, with modern facilities, resources and a motivated team of professionals. Thus, we aim to produce technically competent professionals with a high degree of credibility, integrity and ethical standards. We are cognisant of the necessity to respect and nurture the creative potential of both students and staff.

The school offers and coordinates academic programmes at post graduate, undergraduate and professional levels. Three new programmes are in the pipeline, these will be advertised at an appropriate time. The development of these new programmes is clearly informed by the need to produce graduates capable of working in a modern computing economy driven by cutting
edge technologies in various disciplines such as big data and data science, cloud computing, web services development, multimedia authoring, machine learning, gaming, AI, distributed computing, Blockchain, animation, Networks inter alia. Our aim is to produce professionals that competently satisfy the new job market requirements.

The faculty and staff at SCI are enthusiastic, internationally exposed, ambitious, technically competent, knowledgeable and focused to foster an environment comfortable for everyone and to create and disseminate knowledge. We connect with professional, corporate and non-corporate society in our ecosystem through workshops, seminars, webinars and collaborations locally and internationally.
For our current and future students, we are here to build, support guide you in your academic and professional careers. Please feel welcome, comfortable and ready to approach us anytime physically or through our online contacts.

I owe you.

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– Bachelors in Information Systems and Technology
– Bachelor of Digital Security and Forensics (BDSF)
– Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

– Diploma in Information Systems and Technology (DIST)

Studying at Nkumba University

“I have had lovely experiences here. I’ve made great friends. met helpful lecturers from Nkumba University and have started to appreciate Ugandan culture. I encourage everyone out there to come study here at Nkumba University.”

Queen Yvette

Bachelor of Business Administration | 3rd Year

More Information about the Schools

The School runs a number of academic programs: the Diploma in Computer Science and Information Technology, The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology, Business and Information Technology, The Master of Science in Computer Science, The Master of Computing and Information Systems, Masters of Information Technology, The Diploma in Office Management and Secretarial Studies, Records and Information management, Degree  in Office Management and Secretarial Studies, Records and Information management, Postgraduate Diploma Office Management and Secretarial Studies. We also offer Advanced Certificate in Computer Studies (one year) which has been used as a bridging course to enable students who did not pass well their A-level exams to get a chance of doing Diploma (two years) and then qualify for degree admission (minimum of two years). Undergraduate programs run on: Day, Evening, Weekend and Distance sessions whereas our postgraduate programs are only managed on Weekend.

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