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Who We Are

Welcome to School of Social Sciences, a School with a difference. We aim at developing our students through a holistic approach through promoting moral, social and intellectual excellence. During your stay, you will realize that regardless of the Program you choose, we are ready to prepare you to exploit all the available opportunities out there for a brighter future.

A number of programs are offered in the School; Security and Strategic Studies, International Relations and Diplomacy, Public Administration and Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Human Rights and Human Development, Social Work and Social Administration, Development Studies, Community Based Studies, Journalism and Counselling.

Confidently, we hold that these programs are not only important for understanding the current world challenges but any one who undertakes any of these gains the ability to think about critical issues such as justice, equality, global order and development that pressing mankind at all levels – national and international.

The various programs offered allow the student to pursue academic paths that you fervently have interest in. Having benefited from an inter-disciplinary approach of teaching, you will be able to make the necessary changes that you want to see in society. We commit to equipping you with not just knowledge but also skills. By the time you graduate, you will proudly be a critically thinking, creative and professional member of society.

We welcome you and wish you an interesting academic journey. Once again, welcome/nitukwakira/tukwaniriza, karib


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Nalinnya Brenda Rebecca Mukuye

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  • PhD in Public Administration and Management
  • PhD in Development Studies
  • PhD in Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Public Administration and Management
  • Master of Arts in Security and Strategic Studies
  • Master of Science in Counseling Psychology (Distance)
  • Master of Arts in Public Relations and Strategic Communication 
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Diplomacy and global studies
  • Master of Arts in Diplomacy and Global Studies  
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology (Distance)
  • Master of Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Masters in Human Rights and Human Development (Distance)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration and Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Public Administration and Management
  • Bachelor of Social work and Social Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy
  • Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Public Relations
  • Bachelor of Arts in Community and Development Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Guidance and Counseling – Distance Only
  • Diploma in Public Administration and Management
  • Diploma in Journalism and Public Relations 
  • Diploma in Guidance and Counselling – Distance Only 
  • Diploma in Community and Development Studies
  • Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration 
  • Diploma in International Relations and Diplomacy

UBTEB Programmes (O-level leavers)

  • National Certificate in Journalism and Media
  • National Certificate in Public Administration and Management
  • National Certificate in Guidance and Counseling
  • National Certificate in Social Work and Social Administration

Studying at Nkumba University

“I have had lovely experiences here. I’ve made great friends. met helpful lecturers from Nkumba University and have started to appreciate Ugandan culture. I encourage everyone out there to come study here at Nkumba University.”

Queen Yvette

Bachelor of Business Administration | 3rd Year

More Information about the Schools

The school that began with two programmes in Hotel and Tourism Operations, has progressively grown. It now boosts of accommodating three departments and one Institute. The departments include Hospitality, Natural Resources and Applied Sciences.

Institute of Nursing and Midwifery was established in the year 2018, and it is currently housed in SCOS. Such development has been possible due to the presence of a big and expansive space in the SCOS building.

The School has highly qualified and motivated staff both teaching and non-teaching. The school has a total of 49 Academic Staff. The school which started with ten (10) students, numbers have progressively increased to over five hundred (500) students distributed in all programmes at SCOS. The school has for the past 25 years passed 1818 graduates.

  • Philosophy of SCOS
  • To Provide Students with a Learning and Recreational Environment that Enables Inculcation of Confidence, Competence, Creativity and Character, all of which are essential for an individuals’ success and self-fulfillment in the society.
  • Vision
  • To Impart Scientific Knowledge to Students and also get involved in Research activities and Publications to enhance the image of Nkumba University as a Centre of Academic and Professional Excellence at Regional and Global spheres.
  •  Mission
  • To offer relevant Knowledge and Skills in Scientific Fields for Sustainable Development.

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