Amos Ronald Kalukusu


Amos Ronald Kalukusu is a Ugandan, 33 years of age and living a health lifestyle. He scored a First Class in his undergraduate studies of Environmental Sciences and mastered in Environmental Health Science as his major. He is also a PhD scholar at the Unicaf University of Zambia. Immediately after his undergraduate studies, Nkumba University, […]

Alex Baguma

Assistant Lecturer

I am an open-minded, ambitious advocate who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any legal, moral or social task that I undertake, or situation that I am presented with. As an advocate, I am excellent in working with others to achieve a certain objective on time.

Racheal Kabuye N


Racheal Kabuye is a self motivated and hard working woman with excellent business acumen and strong organizational skills. She also has very good interpersonal and administrative skills in dealing with people with varying cultural and educational background. In addition she is an experienced lecturer. She holds a Masters of Procurement and Logistics Management.(Nkumba University).

Sserunkuma Damian

Studio Technician

Sserunkuma Damian is a Studio Technician holding a Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) and a Master of Computing and Information Systems (MCIS) of Nkumba University. He is a Graphics Designer, a Systems Developer and a Programmer. He has designed, developed systems and actively trained in different  schools and organisations.