Ms. Josephine W. Mukasa

Senior Lecturer

Ms. Josephine W. Mukasa holds a Masters degree in Art Education from the University of Wisconsin‐ USA. A seasoned researcher administrator with a particular interest in developing traditional crafting skills into enterprising contemporary product design processes.

Mrs.Agnes Gwosekera Nsereko


Mrs.Agnes Gwosekera Nsereko  holds a Masters degree in Fabric design and her career has evolved around exploring all forms of design approaches to enhance fabric appeal.

Mr. Charles Lwanga Kaggwa

Dean of SCIAD

Mr. Charles Lwanga Kaggwa is currently the Dean of SCIAD. He is an accomplished academic with several conference paper presentations on topics which include; Art in Medicine, Visualised learning practices and assessment among others. His membership to international Scholarly bodies include; African Students and Alumni Forum (ASAF), AfricaUninet. He is a consultant on Vocational Training […]

Mr. Andrew Kivumbi

Senior Lecturer

Mr. Andrew Kivumbi is a specialist draftsman with a career focusing on printmaking and technical drawing. His doctoral studies focus on museum management practices.

Ms. Olive Odongo


Ms. Olive Odongo holds a masters degree in Graphic Communication Design and has worked for years with a number of Media Houses in Uganda. She well grounded in printing technology and its contemporary trends..