Katambala Fred


KATAMBALA FRED is lecturer at Nkumba Nkumba university Holds a Bachelor Of Science In Journalism (Bs.JLM first class), Masters Of Art In International Relations And Diplomacy (MIRD) of Nkumba University. Fred lectures media law, photo journalism, media and society, human rights and all related journalism and mass communication units He is a researcher, and has […]

Mugumya Joash Kyarire


Mugumya Joash Kyarire   Birth place       :           Bushenyi District Nationality      :           Ugandan Date of birth    :           1958        

Ms. Josephine W. Mukasa

Senior Lecturer

Ms. Josephine W. Mukasa holds a Masters degree in Art Education from the University of Wisconsin‐ USA. A seasoned researcher administrator with a particular interest in developing traditional crafting skills into enterprising contemporary product design processes.

Mrs.Agnes Gwosekera Nsereko


Mrs.Agnes Gwosekera Nsereko  holds a Masters degree in Fabric design and her career has evolved around exploring all forms of design approaches to enhance fabric appeal.