Mr. Charles Lwanga Kaggwa

Dean of SCIAD

Mr. Charles Lwanga Kaggwa is currently the Dean of SCIAD. He is an accomplished academic with several conference paper presentations on topics which include; Art in Medicine, Visualised learning practices and assessment among others. His membership to international Scholarly bodies include; African Students and Alumni Forum (ASAF), AfricaUninet. He is a consultant on Vocational Training […]

Mr. Andrew Kivumbi

Senior Lecturer

Mr. Andrew Kivumbi is a specialist draftsman with a career focusing on printmaking and technical drawing. His doctoral studies focus on museum management practices.

Ms. Olive Odongo


Ms. Olive Odongo holds a masters degree in Graphic Communication Design and has worked for years with a number of Media Houses in Uganda. She well grounded in printing technology and its contemporary trends..

Mr. James Kasule


Mr. James Kasule holds a masters degree in Graphic Design and is a practicing Digital Graphic Designer and he brings a lot of experience from that field into the lecture and studio sessions.

Francis Kayongo

Asst Lecturer

Francis Kayongo is a seasoned teacher in Art Education and an artist with a particular orientation to Drawing and Painting.