Dr. Sendawula Noah

Dr. Sendawula Noah

  • Position: Lecturer

Dr. Sendawula Noah is a highly experienced and knowledgeable academic with a PhD in Development and Community Studies. He is a dedicated Lecturer at Nkumba University, where he teaches in the School of Social Sciences. Dr. Noah has a rich background in community development, having previously worked as a Programme Officer under the SIDA funded LVI project (UNAU) and SRHR Project [KLD]-HIV Focal Point – Kasana Luwero Diocese.

With over 10 years of teaching experience, Dr. Noah has honed his skills in delivering high-quality lectures, mentoring students, and conducting research. He has a passion for community-based interventions and livelihoods, which are the focus of his research interests. His research work is geared towards advancing knowledge and practices in community development and promoting sustainable livelihoods for marginalized communities.

Dr. Noah is committed to service to wider civil society, and his contribution in the areas of community development has been commendable. His expertise and experience make him an invaluable asset to Nkumba University and the larger academic community. By virtue of his contributions, Nkumba University ranks high in academic circles and is well-positioned to provide top-quality education in the field of Development and Community Studies.

  1. Youth Livelihoods
  2. Women’s Associations
  3. Corruption and Health
  4. Women and Agriculture
  5. Culture and Political Leadership
  6. Parent Involvement and Academic Performance
  7. Vocational Skills and Self-Employment
  8. Socio-Economic Transformation
  9. Food Security and NGOs.
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