Dr.Taddeo Rusoke

Dr.Taddeo Rusoke

  • Position: Senior Lecturer
  • trusoke@nkumbauniversity.ac.ug
  • +2567821166-72/+256701116672
  • Profession: Conservation Scientist, Senior Lecturer (Nkumba Univ.) & Research Fellow (SU, AWEI) Digital profile: 

    Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=Edi1g2gAAAAJ

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rusoke-taddeo-86473a54

    Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Taddeo_Rusoke


    Nature Based Solutions I Wildlife Economies I Biodiversity Conservation Science I Climate Change I Livelihoods Improvement I Tourism and Protected Areas I E-learning & Teaching I Conservation Education I Livelihood Projects and Programmes I Applied Ecology I Scientific Research I

    Career Summary: 

    • Ugandan Conservation Scientist, Research Fellow at the African Wildlife Economy Institute, Stellenbosch University South Africa, and Senior Lecturer of Natural Resource Planning and Management with 14 years of demonstrated experience in managing research teams; delivering lectures in conservation science at the university level, designing, reviewing and implementing Integrated Conservation Development Projects (ICDPJs) and Inclusive Sustainable Conservation Models (ISCM) in Uganda. 
    • Provides advisory services through online surveys to International Union for Conservation of Nature and natural resources (IUCN) on effective communication, education and ecosystem management, mentored 200+ University graduates on natural resource management, and trained writers from StoryMoja Africa on how to integrate conservation species science into storybooks and build the capacity of employees at Africa One Consult Limited on best principle and practices in research and community development. Delivers on-site, online and off-site conservation education sessions and lectures on natural resources planning and management at the university level and to the wider public through print and non-print media. Have evaluated Uganda Wildlife Authority projects and programmes on conservation and community development aimed at strategic recommendations to enhance the livelihoods of communities bordering protected areas in Uganda.
    • Developed technical papers for Uganda Wildlife Authority and Bella Smiles, Washington USA, peer-reviewed journal articles for Nkumba University in Uganda and, drafted the Tobacco Control Act 2015 for Uganda. 
    • Formerly as Research Fellow at Sefako Makgatho University (SMU), South Africa, I worked on a ten-African countries project – Building Effective Tobacco Control Advocates (BETA), where I developed research articles, policy brief and tobacco industry monitoring tools from an evidence-based research fellowship.
    • Drafts strategic plans for institutions of higher learning and reviewed Nkumba University Charter. 
    • Managed a multi-cultural team of 15 researchers and research assistants from the Uganda Wildlife Authority to conduct biodiversity research surveys on wildlife damage management around national parks in Uganda.
    • Have authored about 65 research items on conservation, public health, wildlife, forestry and tourism which can be accessed on: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Taddeo_Rusoke
  • Wildlife Economies
  • Biodiversity Conservation Science
  • Climate Change
  • Livelihoods Improvement
  • Tourism and Protected Areas
  • E-learning & Teaching
  • Conservation Education
  • Programmes and Projects Management
  • Applied Ecology
  • Scientific Research



Journal articles

  1. Taddeo Rusoke (2021). Human-wildlife conflicts: What’s the future for people and wildlife? SNHC Journal Bhopal, Vol. 6:42-34 https://snhcindia.org/snhc-journal/june-2021/
  2. Taddeo Rusoke and Orach-Meza Faustino (2021). Buffer Crops as a Mitigation measure against Crop Damage by Wildlife: A case of farmers bordering Kibale National Park, western Uganda. https://ijaeb.org/link6.php?id=652
  3. Aggrey Rwetsiba and Taddeo Rusoke (2021). Crop protection interventions and wildlife damage management around Kibale National Park, Uganda. https://ijaeb.org/link6.php?id=653
  4. Taddeo Rusoke, Mbahinzireki G, Orach-Meza FL (2020). Philosophical perspectives on wildlife crop damage and management. Dir. Res. J. Agric. and Food Sci. 8. p.177-184. ISSN 2354-4147: DOI 10.26765/DRJAFS596018732. https://directresearchpublisher.org/drjafs/abstract/philosophical-perspectives-on-wildlife-crop-damage-and-management
  5. Taddeo Rusoke, Talibita Moses, Kirigwajjo Moses & Emma Wanyonyi (2020). Africa Tobacco Industry Monitoring Country Report for Uganda. African Center for Tobacco Industry Monitoring and Policy Research, Pretoria South Africa. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/344396101_Africa_Tobacco_Industry_Monitoring_Country_Report_for_Uganda_Revised_2020.
  6. Taddeo Rusoke, Godfrey Mbahinzireki, and Orach-Meza Faustino (2020). Involving Crop Farmers in Growing Buffer Crops as Mitigation Measure to Wildlife Crop Damage around Kibale National Park, Western Uganda. Pre-print
  7. Taddeo Rusoke, Godfrey Mbahinzireki, and Orach-Meza Faustino (2020). Buffer Crops Grown by Crop Farmers against Specific Wildlife Crop Damage Mitigation around Kibale National Park, western Uganda. Pre-print
  8. Taddeo Rusoke, Godfrey Mbahinzireki, and Orach-Meza Faustino (2020). Effects of Wildlife Crop Damage on Yields of Major Crops Grown around Kibale National Park, western Uganda. Pre-print
  9. Taddeo Rusoke, Godfrey Mbahinzireki, and Orach-Meza Faustino (2020). Towards Developing a Buffer Crop Farmers Model (BCFAM) For Wildlife Crop Damage Mitigation around Kibale National Park, western Uganda. Pre-print
  10. Taddeo Rusoke (2020). Spending on Tobacco and Heaviness of Smoking Index among Adult Ugandans: Under Review by Nkumba University International Research Journal.


Technical Reports

  • Taddeo Rusoke and Aggrey Rwetsiba (2019). Review of the effectiveness of wildlife crop damage management interventions around Kibale National Park, Uganda. Technical Report to Uganda Wildlife Authority, Kamwokya Uganda. 
  • Edroma E. and Rusoke Taddeo (2009). The Linkage between Wildlife and Culture of people in South Western Uganda, for the formation of Igongo Cultural Centre, Biharwe, Mbarara District, 2009. Technical Report.
  1. Taddeo Rusoke, Ayo Ritah, Cimple Byaruhanga, and Dinah Masereka 2020. Baseline survey report on children’s developmental disabilities in Uganda. Bella Smiles Washington, USA and BSDD Uganda.


Books and Book Chapters

  • Taddeo Rusoke (2022). Global Warming and Climate Change: Projections and Implications – Chapter contribution in Handbook of Energy and Environment in the 21st Century: Technology and Policy Dynamics. Taylor and Francis CRC Press. Chapter Manuscript 
  1. Taddeo Rusoke (2021). Farming alongside conservation landscapes in Uganda. Greatness University Publishers, Luton UK. Book Manuscript.
  2. Taddeo Rusoke and Richard Munang (2021). Building Resilient Economies across Africa under climate crisis and COVID-19 emergency. Book Manuscript.
  3. Businge Patrick, Taddeo Rusoke, Mbabazi Grace, Andrew Bitamazire, James Mpanga, Guma Komwiswa Adyeri (2019). The Hidden Treasures in the Tooro Kingdom: in the “The Great Kingdom of Tooro: Discover its Friendly People, Amazing Culture and Hidden Treasures” March 2019. Greatness University Publishers, ISBN: 978-1-913164-99-7 London UK. Available at:https://www.amazon.com/Great-Kingdom-Tooro-Discover-Treasures/dp/1913164926/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=patrick+businge&qid=1553424030&s=gateway&sr=8-2
  4. Businge Patrick, Taddeo Rusoke et al. (2018). Educated by Taddeo Rusoke- from Village Boy to Lecturer: In the Jesus Changed Our Lives, August 2018. Greatness University Publishers, ISBN-13: 978-1-913164-99-7. 

Available at: https://www.amazon.com/Jesus-Changed-Our-Lives-Greatness-ebook/dp/B07FZ9MYKC/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=patrick+businge&qid=1553424030&s=gateway&sr=8-7  (book chapter)


Media Articles

  1. Does Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) affect building resilient wildlife economies across Africa? https://www0.sun.ac.za/awei/posts/iwt-resilient-wildlife-economies 
  2. Wildlife Farming in Uganda: An alternative wildlife income stream for communities. https://www0.sun.ac.za/awei/posts/wildlife-farming-uganda
  3. Taddeo Rusoke (2022). Building resilient wildlife economies across Africa through Wildlife Use Rights. https://www.bukedde.co.ug/tourism/124606/building-resilient-wildlife-economies-across
  4. Taddeo Rusoke (2022). Regenerative agriculture reviving the farming future for Africa. https://www.newvision.co.ug/articledetails/131272
  5. Taddeo Rusoke (2022). My crops and your wildlife park: Can digging trenches minimize Elephant crop depredation? https://www.newvision.co.ug/articledetails/127243
  6. Taddeo Rusoke (2021). Smart cities contributing to net-zero emissions: lessons for city authorities. Https://www.newvision.co.ug/articledetails/113890/smart-cities-contributing-to-net-zero-emissio
  7. Taddeo Rusoke (2021). Here is how Boda Bodas can be utilized to promote tourism around Kampala. Https://www.newvision.co.ug/articledetails/116750
  8. Taddeo Rusoke (2021). Healthier living and wellness: Understanding Trans fatty acids, their health implications. Https://www.newvision.co.ug/articledetails/115009
  9. Taddeo Rusoke (2021). Agriculture and proximity to protected areas: What’s the future for people and wildlife? https://www.newvision.co.ug/articledetails/109105
  10. Taddeo Rusoke (2021). Tobacco exposure, addiction in Uganda: What is accelerating its use? https://www.newvision.co.ug/articledetails/108361
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  14. Taddeo Rusoke (2018). Can Tobacco Pave way for Alternative livelihood Crops in Uganda? Available at: 



Theses and Dissertations

  1. Taddeo Rusoke (May 2020). Effectiveness of Buffer Crops as a mitigation measure to crop damage by wildlife. A Case of Crop Farmers bordering Kibale National Park, Western Uganda. PhD. Thesis of Nkumba University, Uganda. p.220. 
  2. Taddeo Rusoke (2012). Health Services Administration and Delivery in Rural Communities of Uganda- Kyenjojo District, Western Uganda. MSc. Dissertation of Nkumba University 2012: p.104.


  1. Taddeo Rusoke (2010). The relevancy of Captive Wildlife Management Centers towards Environmental Conservation and Public Awareness in Uganda. A Case Study of Uganda Wildlife Education and Conservation Center/ Entebbe Zoo. BSc Thesis of Nkumba University, Uganda.

Research Projects

      1. Co-Investigator: 2022. Won a project from the Office of the Prime Minister of Uganda (OPM) and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, to assess “Local Government Performance Assessment of Service Delivery for the Eastern Region” as a senior environmental management specialist (EMS) FY 2022/23.
      2. Participant: From 2018 to 2021, in Building Effective Tobacco Control Advocates in Africa (BETA). Partly aims at scaling down tobacco farming which degrades natural ecosystems in East and Southern Africa. In Uganda I target about 78,000 farmers to promote alternative crops to tobacco agriculture in Uganda. A project of about US $500,000 involved twelve African Countries (Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Benin, Mauritania, South Africa, Botswana, Gabon, Senegal and The Gambia) from 2018 to 2021.
      3. Principal Investigator: From 2017-2020, I led a project on “Effectiveness of buffer crops as a mitigation strategy to crop damage by wild animals: A Case of Crop Farmers bordering Kibale National Park, Uganda. A project that involved working with 14,000 households in identifying and growing of buffer crops to stop crop loss to wild animals from Kibale National Park. 
      4. Principal Investigator: From 2019 to 2018, I led a project on “development and reviewing effectiveness of Problem-Animal Management Interventions around Kibale National Park, western Uganda. The project was supported by Uganda Wildlife Authority. Worked with 396 crop farmers to develop crop protection interventions to enhance livelihoods through mitigation of crop loss to wild animals. 
      5. Principal Investigator: In 2020, I conducted a baseline survey on “children developmental disabilities in Uganda”. The project was funded by Bella Smiles for Developmental Disabilities Washington USA (BSDD-USA) through BSDD-Uganda. 
    • Principal Investigator: In 2018. I conducted a research study on “Spending on Tobacco and Heaviness of Smoking Index in Uganda 2018”. Funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and African Capacity Building Foundation, Harare Zimbabwe. This was a research fellowship supported by Sefako Makgatho University (South Africa) and the African Capacity Building Foundation – ACBF (Zimbabwe), implemented by the African Center for Tobacco Industry Monitoring and Policy Research (Pretoria South Africa).
    1. Senior Supervisor: In 2017, I supervised a project that involved 532 women participating in forest resources sustainability. The project aimed to document the type of forest resources and products extracted, identify and best forest management practices championed by women groups aimed at climate change mitigation and role of women in low-value forest activities around Kalinzu Central Forest Reserve in Western Uganda.
    2. Principal Investigator: In 2013, Ied Implementation and evaluation of Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) Projects in Western Uganda among Private Forest Owners with an aim of reducing deforestation of natural forests on private land through Payment for Avoided Deforestation per forest hectare conserved and protected (PAD). The project Involved 417 private forest owners and farmers owning private natural forests between Budongo and Bugoma Central Forest Reserves. 
    3. Principal Investigator: In 2009, I led a research project “The Linkage between Wildlife and Culture of the People in South Western Uganda (2009)”. A project that led to the formation of the Igongo Museum in Mbarara Uganda. The project was funded by a private Museum developer. 
    4. Principal Investigator: In 2008, I led a project on Relevancy of captive wildlife management centers in the promotion of environmental conservation. A Case of Entebbe Zoo (2008). Self-funded project.

MSc. Level 

  1. a) Women in Forestry Resources Sustainability in Uganda. Arikiriza Apophia Jemimah, MSc. dissertation

of Nkumba University. Graduated 2017. 

  1. b) Challenges of Developing Cultural Heritage Attractions for Tourism Development in Uganda: A Case

Study of Igongo Cultural Centre, Great Lakes Museum and Edirisa Museum in South-Western Uganda.

Kiconco Annah 2017. Graduated 2017. 

BSc. Level 

1) Contribution of Botanical Gardens towards Tourism Development in Uganda. Tumwijukye Aggrey 2019.

2) Man, and Lion Conflicts on conservation status of lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park. By Haruna

Kulu 2019. Graduated.

3) Influence of availability of farm inputs on tea production among out growers in Wakiso. Case of

Nakigalala and Lubowa Tea Estates, Central Uganda. By Kato Reynold Ambrose. Graduated 2019.

4) Effects of Tourism Development on communities adjacent to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Rubnda

Uganda, By Banshekuura Mathias. Graduated 2019.

5) Collaborative Forest Management and Sustainable Forestry. Kyalisima Richard. 2017. Graduated.

6) Poaching Practices and Wildlife Conservation in Uganda. Drama O. Alex 2016. Graduated.

7) The contribution of Indigenous Technical Knowledge on human-wildlife conflict resolution around Kibale

National Park. By Bagamba Hebert Mugume. Graduated 2017.

Taddeo Rusoke’s PROFILE 2020 (rus.tadz67@gmail.com), Page 3 of

8) Assessment of the effects of human practices on wildlife in Kapir Sub-County Ngora, Eastern Uganda.

Bizibu Samuel. Graduated 2017.

9) Contributions of Indigenous Technical Knowledge on Wildlife Conservation. Muhanguzi Francis 2016.

10) Effects of fire on wildlife habitats in Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda. Taremwa Barnabas 2016.

11) Effects of Quelea Quelea Birds on rice production in Paliisa district, Eastern Uganda. By Oduccu Martin.

Graduated 2016.

12) Illegal Ivory and its effect on elephant population in Uganda. Case of Queen Elizabeth National Park. By

Twinomujuni Joshua. Graduated October 2016.

13) Assessment of Collaborative Forest Resource Use Agreements between Rwenzori Mountains National

Park and surrounding communities of Karangura S/C in Kabarole district. By Kyalisima Richard.

Graduated 2016.

14) Forest Resource Use and Management. A case of Bungokho Central Forest Reserve, Mbale Uganda.

15) Challenges affecting small scale water supplies’ provision of safe drinking water to the community. Case

study of Kasese Municipality. Marunga Hilda 2015.


Workshops and Conferences

  1. June 23-24th 2022, delivered a plenary speech on “Regenerative Agriculture – Reviving Farming Future for Africa” at the International Business Research Congress 2022. De La Salle Araneta University, Philippines Asia. 
  2. December 2021, coordinated the Global Sustainable Futures Conference, University College of Estate Management London, and delivered a keynote speech on “Improving human-wildlife co-existence through implementing Inclusive Sustainable Conservation Models (ISCM) in Africa”.  https://youtu.be/7-akCwY0FK8
  3. November 2021, moderated a session on applied and natural sciences during the 1st Nkumba International Research Conference themed “Nurturing an Educational and Research Culture in the 4th Industrial Revolution in Higher Institutions of Learning”.
  4. In July 2019– I attended the Hong Kong Wildlife Art and Film Festival in Hong Kong, China.
  5. In March 2018– I participated in the 17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health as a national delegate from Uganda. The conference took place at the Cape Town International Convention Center, South Africa. 
  6. In October 2017, I attended a research workshop on conceptualizing scientific research proposals at Nkumba University, Uganda.
  7. Mar. 2017, I organized a Wildlife Symposium at Nkumba University Uganda and presented a paper on “Wildlife Conservation through Training and Research: The contribution of Tertiary Institutions in promoting wildlife conservation in Uganda and beyond”.
  8. May 2008– I facilitated a workshop on promoting environmental sustainability through youth and community volunteerism at Uganda Wildlife Education Conservation Center, the event was organized by United Nations Development Programme.
  9. July 2007– I participated in a small mammal and butterflies inventory workshop themed on cultivating biodiversity and environmental leadership in Uganda using a local forest reserve in Entebbe Uganda. The workshop was organized by the University of Mississippi, Berry College and the Uganda Wildlife Education Conservation Center in Entebbe Uganda.

Scholarships and Awards

  1. 2017 – 2020: Nkumba University Staff Development Award to pursue a PhD in Natural Resources Management at Nkumba University, Uganda.
  2. 2nd July 2018 to 15th August 2019: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation/ African Capacity Building Foundation, Research Fellowship Award to attend Evidence-based tobacco control policies research fellowship at Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University, Ga-Rankuwa Pretoria, South Africa.
  3. 7-9, March 2018: Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University-African Capacity Building Foundation Travel Award to attend the 17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health (WCOTH17) in Cape Town, South Africa.
  4. 12-21, March 2018: African Center for Tobacco Industry Monitoring and Policy Research award to participate in Building Effective Tobacco Control Advocates in Africa, Pretoria South Africa.


Other Abilities and Expertise 

  1. Coordinated the Global Sustainable Futures Conference in Uganda in December 2021. 
  2. Moderated a session on Applied and Natural Sciences during the 1st Nkumba University International Research Conference themed “Nurturing an Educational and Research Culture in the 4th Industrial Revolution in Higher Institutions of Learning.” November 2021.
  3. As a committee member of the Institutional Self-Assessment Report (ISAR) September 2021, I evaluated the renewal of the Nkumba University Charter. 
  4. Since January 2020, I serve as Chairperson of Nkumba University Employees Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisation (NUESACCO). 
  5. From July 2019 to date, I work as a fellow on an eleven (11) African countries’ multi-cultural and international project “Building Effective Tobacco control advocates in Africa- BETA”. Project countries include Uganda, Kenya, Gabon, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Botswana, Mauritania, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, and Ivory Coast.
  6. In March 2017, I organized a wildlife symposium at Nkumba University and hosted the Ambassador of Japan International Cooperation Association (JICA).
  7. Working in partnership with Uganda Health Consumer and Users Organisation, from 2012 to 2015 I drafted the Tobacco Control Act 2015 for Uganda.
  8. Climate change mitigation advocates with the United Nations Association of Uganda (UNAU), and East African Regional Model United Nations (EARMUN).
  9. From 2006 to 2008 I promoted Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) while the United Nations Association of Uganda.


Summary of work experience
  • 14 years of experience undertaking conservation-related fieldwork in Uganda.
  • 12 years of experience teaching wildlife and tourism-related courses, undergraduate and graduate research supervision, and exam moderation in Uganda.
  • 10 years of experience in coordinating natural resources conservation programs in Uganda.
  • 04 years of experience in policy research fellowships at SMU Pretoria, South Africa.
  • 04 years of experience in tobacco control advocacy at ATIM Pretoria, South Africa.

Academic Qualifications 

Year of Study  Award/ discipline 
Sept 2017 – May 2021 PhD. Natural Resource Management (Conservation Science), Nkumba University Uganda.

Thesis: Effectiveness of buffer crops as a mitigation measure against crop damage by wildlife: A case of farmers bordering Kibale National Park, Western Uganda.

  • Developed Buffer Crop Farmers Model (BCFAM) to guide the growing of buffer crops around national parks in Uganda to mitigate crop damage by wild animals. BCFAM identifies buffer crops, categories of farmers as per land owned, and alternative enterprises where buffer crops cannot be grown due to the nature of soils, topography, and size of landholdings. 
  • Evaluated agricultural losses incurred by farmers from wild animal damage on crops in absence of growing buffer crops versus farmers growing buffer crops.
  • Ranked effective buffer crops which are grown by farmers to mitigate crop damage by wild animals.
Feb 2011- Oct 2012 MSc. Environmental Health Sciences – (3.9 – 5.0 scale) Nkumba University, Uganda.

Studied Environmental Policies, Laws and Ethics, Agriculture and Environment, Urbanization, rural planning and settlement, Environmental Impact Assessment, Land-Use Planning and Management, Water and Sanitation, and Public Health Administration, One-health, Zoonotic diseases management, Conservation Ecology.

Sept 2006 – Oct 2010 BSc. Wildlife Management/ Agriculture & Nature Conservation (First Class. Hons, C.G.PA 4.4 on 5.0 scale) – Nkumba University, Uganda. 

  • Studied: Ecological Principles, Concepts & Practices, Re-wilding/ Species Re-introduction, Biodiversity and Climate Change Mitigation, Conservation Education, Sustainable Development, Wildlife and Protected Area Management, Plant Pathology/Plant resources, Wildlife utilization and Trade, Ecosystem Restoration.
  • Investigated the relevance of captive wildlife management centres towards the promotion of environmental conservation education and public awareness in Uganda.

Work Experience

May 2022 to present Research Fellow, African Wildlife Economy Institute, Stellenbosch University, Western Cape Province, South Africa. (https://www0.sun.ac.za/awei/people/dr-taddeo-rusoke)
  • Participate in supervision of post-graduate students, their training and mentorship.
  • Conduct research on sport hunting, game meat value chains and utilization of wildlife products. 
  • Write blogs on resilient wildlife economies, tourism revenue sharing and ecotourism enterprise development on the AWEI website.
  • Write peer-reviewed research articles, and opinions, and participate in research collaboration as per the ethos of the institute.
Oct. 2018 to date  Director of Research Services (Conservation and Development), Africa One Consult Limited, Entebbe Uganda.
  • Participated in implementation of the outcomes of the Building Effective Tobacco Control Advocates in Africa project (BETA) based at Sefako Makgatho University South Africa. 
  • Provide strategic guidance on research operations and conservation development.
  • Trained 15 staff of StoryMoja Africa on integrating conservation Science into story books and develop annual budgets and plans for the consultancy firm.
  • Participate in landscape/ ecosystem restoration to enhance carbon markets and create corridors for endangered species such as chimpanzees.
  • Evaluated 03 projects/ programmes for Uganda Wildlife Authority on wildlife damage management around Kibale National Park in Uganda.
Aug. 2010 to date  Senior Lecturer and Conservation Scientist, Department of Natural Resources Management, School of Sciences, Nkumba University Uganda.
  • Deliver lectures, tutorials and online sessions to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing courses in biodiversity conservation, tourism and environmental health studies.
  • Supervise undergraduate and graduate (Masters) research and internship, set tests and examinations, moderate exams, and organize student fieldwork.
  • Developed conservation curriculum as per National Council for Higher Education guidelines for Nkumba University.
June 2022 to-date Senior Consultant and Environmental Management Specialist, Eastern Central and Southern Africa Group of Consultants (ECASA). 
    • Prepared a grant proposal on “Local Government Performance Assessment of Service Delivery for the Eastern Region, Uganda”.
  • Worked as a senior consultant (part-time basis) on a project involving the Office of the Prime Minister of Uganda (OPM) and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, titled “Local Government Performance Assessment of Service Delivery for the Eastern Region” as a senior environmental management specialist (EMS).
Mar 2018 to Dec 2021 Research Fellow, Sefako Makgatho University Pretoria South Africa
  • As part of generating evidence-based data to support tobacco control laws, I developed a policy brief on spending on tobacco and the heaviness of the smoking index among Ugandans.
  • Wrote media articles to influence the perception of tobacco use and tobacco cessation.
  • Write scientific research manuscripts on tobacco use dependent on socio-economic status.
Aug. 2013 to date Coordinator of Biodiversity Conservation Programmes in School of Sciences at Nkumba University. 
  • Facilitate the development of budgets, and monitor unit activities following proposed budgets.
  • Ensure students undertake internships at appropriate centres and organizations where they will acquire skills relevant to the job market.
  • Propose and sometimes assign supervisors to students undertaking internships, ensure the students complete assigned tasks as their logbooks and supervisors provide timely reports on students’ performance.
Oct. 2009 to Nov. 2015 Field Researcher, Tourism and Environment Consult (TEC), Kampala Uganda
  • Conducted research for the establishment of Igongo Museum and Cultural Center in Mbarara City Uganda. Igongo Museum is a center of excellence for the promotion of the intangible cultural heritage of the people in the Kigezi and Ankole regions.
  • Developed a research proposal and was granted US$12000 to conduct a field survey on the linkage between wildlife and the culture of the people in south-western Uganda.  
Apr 2008 to May 2009 Environmental Conservation Educator at Uganda Wildlife Education Conservation Center (Entebbe Zoo), Entebbe Uganda.
  • Developed conservation education and awareness curriculum for lower and post-primary classes.
  • Fundraised about US$2000 for the zoo through Friends of Uganda Wildlife Education Conservation Center (FUWEC).
  • Ensured that information about animal and plant species on signages per exhibit is well written, readable and understandable.