Mr. Charles Lwanga Kaggwa

Position: Dean of SCIAD


Mr. Charles Lwanga Kaggwa is currently the Dean of SCIAD. He is an accomplished academic with several conference paper presentations on topics which include; Art in Medicine, Visualised learning practices and assessment among others. His membership to international Scholarly bodies include; African Students and Alumni Forum (ASAF), AfricaUninet. He is a consultant on Vocational Training in Uganda. He is a very active artist with a passion on fashion accessory design (which was his research area at Masters), as well as painting. He has exhibited significantly on African culture through his prefered medium of batilk painting. His art can be found in homes and public places almost on all continents and his work has been a topic for schorlars upto PhD level (ref: ISN:000000013603362X). Reach him on social media through Linkedin.

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