Mr.Kisitu Sulaiman

Position: Lecturer | +256757309715

I am    a person trained   both  practical   and   theory   skills  in  Electrical wiring   and   installation    with   all  systems  repair  and   maintenance.

I do  train  learners   who  have   interest   electrical work and   Electronics  Technology, I   have   an  experience  of  10  years    in  Repairs  of  Electronics  like  TV, Audio   amplifiers.  Loud  speakers  radios  flat irons  Flat  monitors  etc.  Am  good    at  Higher  Education   skills   invention ,  innovations and  Exhibitions

  •  Electronics    inventions on  modifications    and  set up   of  different   circuit  boards.
  • Hard  ware  repairs   of   analogue  electronics  mother boards
  • Simple practical  self auto mated   electronics  projects
  •  Application of   Arduino  technology
  •  Installation  and  modification  of  different  cameras.

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