Mr.Kisitu Sulaiman

Mr.Kisitu Sulaiman

  • Position: Lecturer
  • +256757309715/+256779309715

Mr.Kisitu Sulaiman is a person trained   with special  skills  in the field of  Electrical wiring  and installation work  with all  systems  repairs and   maintenance.

He   trains  learners   who  have   interest in   electrical work and   Electronics  Technology.

He   has   an  experience  of  10  years    in  Repairs  of  Electronic  Equipment’s like  flat Tv , monitors, Audio music systems

, fridges and microwave ovens.

He is  good   at  Higher  Education  exhibitions  in  electronics  projects   and  live practical  demonstrations on table.

This is to inform you about the availability of placements  and opportunities  for industrial training in the above field.





  •  Electronics    inventions on  modifications    and  set up   of  different   circuit  boards.
  • Hard  ware  repairs   of   analogue  electronics  mother boards
  • Simple practical  self auto mated   electronics  projects
  •  Application of   Arduino  technology
  •  Installation  and  modification  of  different  cameras.
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