Mr.Tadde Rusoke

Position: Lecturer | +2567821166-72/+256701116672

Name: Taddeo Rusoke (Conservation Lecturer, 2010 to-date) Department of Natural Resources, School of Sciences,

Nkumba University.

P.O BOX 237 Entebbe Uganda.


DOB: 27-April 85.

Nationality: Ugandan.

Qualifications: 2017- date. Ph.D. Scholar (Natural Resources) Agric./Wildlife Management: Nkumba University,

Uganda 2011-2012. MSc. Environmental Health Sciences: Nkumba University, Uganda Grade: 3.9 – 5.0 scale (for graded course work and exams)

2006 – 2009: BSc. [First Class. Hons.] Wildlife Management Sciences: Nkumba University, Uganda. Grade: First Class – [C.G.PA 4.4 on 5.0 scale]

Environmental Conservation, Sustainable and Cultural Tourism, Environmental Health, Tobacco Control

Research, Sustainable Development, Policy Research and Wildlife Management.


Taddeo Rusoke and Aggrey Rwetsiba (2019). Reviewing the effectiveness of wildlife crop damage

management interventions around Kibale National Park, Uganda. Technical Report to Uganda Wildlife

Authority, Kamwokya Uganda.

Businge Patrick, Taddeo Rusoke, Mbabazi Grace, Andrew Bitamazire, James Mpanga, Guma Komwiswa

Adyeeri (2019). The Hidden Treasures in Tooro Kingdom: in the “The Great Kingdom of Tooro: Discover its

Friendly People, Amazing Culture and Hidden Treasures” March 2019. Greatness University Publishers, ISBN:

978-1-913164-99-7 London UK.

Businge Patrick and Taddeo Rusoke (2019). The World’s Youngest King. A royal biography of King Oyo

Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV, the King of Tooro Kingdom in Uganda (In review). Greatness University

Publishers United Kingdom.

Taddeo Rusoke (2019). What Uganda can do to ensure healthier lives and wellbeing. Available at:

Businge Patrick, Taddeo Rusoke et al. (2018). Educated by Taddeo Rusoke- from Village Boy to Lecturer: In

the Jesus Changed Our Lives, August 2018. Greatness University Publishers, ISBN-13: 978-1-913164-99-7.

Available at:


Taddeo Rusoke et al., (2018). Spending on Tobacco and Heaviness of Smoking Index in Uganda: (Draft

manuscript under revision by ATIM) 2018.

Rusoke Taddeo (2018). Can Tobacco Pave way for Alternative livelihood Crops in Uganda. Available at:

Taddeo Rusoke (2012). Health Services Administration and Delivery in Rural Communities of Uganda-

Kyenjojo District, Western Uganda. MSc. Dissertation of Nkumba University 2012: 104 PP.


Edroma E. and Rusoke Taddeo (2009). The Linkage between Wildlife and Culture of people in South Western

Uganda, for formation of Igongo Cultural Centre, Biharwe, Mbarara District, 2009. Fountain Publishers,

Kampala Uganda.

Available at:




Co-Principal Investigator: Reviewing Effectiveness of Problem-Animal Management Interventions around

Kibale National Park, western Uganda (2019). Funded by Uganda Wildlife Authority (USD 4,054).

Principal Investigator: Spending on Tobacco and Heaviness of Smoking Index in Uganda 2018. Funded by

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and African Capacity Building Foundation, Harare Zimbabwe (USD 2,702).

Principal Investigator: Health Services Delivery in rural communities of Uganda (2012). A case study of

Kyenjojo District; Self-funded project.

Co-Investigator: The Linkage Between Wildlife and Culture of the People in South Western Uganda (2009). A

project that led to formation of Igongo Museum in Mbarara Uganda. Funded by Tusiime James, Fountain

Publishers, Uganda (USD 2,162).

Principal Investigator: Relevancy of captive wildlife management centers in promotion of environmental

conservation. A Case of Entebbe Zoo (2008). Self-funded project.


MSc. Level 

  1. a) Women in Forestry Resources Sustainability in Uganda. Arikiriza Apophia Jemimah, MSc. dissertation

of Nkumba University. Graduated 2017. 

  1. b) Challenges of Developing Cultural Heritage Attractions for Tourism Development in Uganda: A Case

Study of Igongo Cultural Centre, Great Lakes Museum and Edirisa Museum in South-Western Uganda.

Kiconco Annah 2017. Graduated 2017. 

BSc. Level 

1) Contribution of Botanical Gardens towards Tourism Development in Uganda. Tumwijukye Aggrey 2019.

2) Man, and Lion Conflicts on conservation status of lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park. By Haruna

Kulu 2019. Graduated.

3) Influence of availability of farm inputs on tea production among out growers in Wakiso. Case of

Nakigalala and Lubowa Tea Estates, Central Uganda. By Kato Reynold Ambrose. Graduated 2019.

4) Effects of Tourism Development on communities adjacent to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Rubnda

Uganda, By Banshekuura Mathias. Graduated 2019.

5) Collaborative Forest Management and Sustainable Forestry. Kyalisima Richard. 2017. Graduated.

6) Poaching Practices and Wildlife Conservation in Uganda. Drama O. Alex 2016. Graduated.

7) The contribution of Indigenous Technical Knowledge on human-wildlife conflict resolution around Kibale

National Park. By Bagamba Hebert Mugume. Graduated 2017.

Taddeo Rusoke’s PROFILE 2020 (, Page 3 of

8) Assessment of the effects of human practices on wildlife in Kapir Sub-County Ngora, Eastern Uganda.

Bizibu Samuel. Graduated 2017.

9) Contributions of Indigenous Technical Knowledge on Wildlife Conservation. Muhanguzi Francis 2016.

10) Effects of fire on wildlife habitats in Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda. Taremwa Barnabas 2016.

11) Effects of Quelea Quelea Birds on rice production in Paliisa district, Eastern Uganda. By Oduccu Martin.

Graduated 2016.

12) Illegal Ivory and its effect on elephant population in Uganda. Case of Queen Elizabeth National Park. By

Twinomujuni Joshua. Graduated October 2016.

13) Assessment of Collaborative Forest Resource Use Agreements between Rwenzori Mountains National

Park and surrounding communities of Karangura S/C in Kabarole district. By Kyalisima Richard.

Graduated 2016.

14) Forest Resource Use and Management. A case of Bungokho Central Forest Reserve, Mbale Uganda.

15) Challenges affecting small scale water supplies’ provision of safe drinking water to the community. Case

study of Kasese Municipality. Marunga Hilda 2015.


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2017 – 2020: Nkumba University Staff Development Tuition Waiver Sponsorship award to pursue a Ph.D. in

natural resources at Nkumba University, Uganda.

7-9, March 2018: Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University-African Capacity Building Foundation Travel

Award to attend the 17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health (WCOTH17) in Cape Town, South Africa.

12-21, March 2018: African Center for Tobacco Industry Monitoring and Policy Research award to participate

in Building Effective Tobacco Control Advocates in Africa, Pretoria South Africa.

2nd July 2018 to 15th August 2019: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation/ African Capacity Building Foundation,

Research Fellowship Award to attend Evidence-based tobacco control policies research fellowship at Sefako

Makgatho Health Sciences University, Ga-Rankuwa Pretoria, South Africa.