Ms. Namwanje Rosette

Position: Administrative Assistant Quality Assurance Directorate | +256701130796

Ms. Namwanje Rosette serves in the Directorate as an Administrative Assistant.

I previously served Nkumba University in the capacity of a Data Entry Clerk for     three years. Namwanje Rosette is a master’s candidate who is due to graduate this     year in October and has a Bachelors degree in Business Computing from Makerere     University. Am an administrator who has been trained in quality assurance     through various capacity building training workshops organized by National     Council for Higher education which includes a workshop on effective assessment     of students performance in higher education, National training on institutional self     assessment for Quality enhancement of higher education and a Training on     modern teaching and learning dynamics in higher education institutions and a     training on Competence based learning for achieving sustainable development     goals.  Am a     member of the Ugandan Universities Quality Assurance Forum     (UUQAF) as well     as a member in the East African Quality Assurance Network     (EAQAN).


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