Mugumya Joash Kyarire

Mugumya Joash Kyarire

  • Position: Lecturer

Mugumya Joash Kyarire


Birth place       :           Bushenyi District

Nationality      :           Ugandan

Date of birth    :           1958





  1. Fisheries Resource use by local communities around various lakes and the problems involved in the fishing environment.
  2. Natural resources use around protected areas like forests and national parks and problems involved like HWC (human wildlife conflicts, HH (Human and Human conflicts) involving farmers and pastoralists plus development initiatives in the area.
  3. The use of intensive technologies around protected areas and in rural areas in general.
  4. Community and rural development programmes/projects
  5. Rural and urban sociology
  1. Lead researcher on Nkumba University Project called (The effect of fish export promotion on Lake Victoria fishing communities). School of social sciences (published) Team mates, Professor Orach-Meza and Noah Ssendawula

Grant projects so far engaged in

  1. Fish value chain from Uganda lakes to European Union by Nkumba University and a German University.

Team members:-

  • Professor Orachi-Meza
  • Mugumya Joash
  • Lwanga
  1. PhD Project co-sponsored by University and Mugumya now under print.

Topic: Rethinking the techno-centric theory using Natural and social sciences for sustainable co-existence in the National parks of Uganda). The project was carried out around four national parks:

Queen Elizabeth

Bwindi National park

Mgahinga National Park

Mt. Elgon National park


Supervisors: Prof. Orachi-Meza and Prof. Mimph Musoke-school of sciences

So far about over 300 undergraduate students have been supervised and over 50 Masters students have been supervised by the Lecturer.

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Schools and colleges attended

Kyeizooba Primary school                                                      1961-1967

Ntare school-O’level                                                               1968-1971

Kitunga High School-A’level                                                 1982-1983

Fisheries Training Institute Uganda (Diploma)                      1974-77/82

Makerere University Degree BA Sociology                           1983-1986

Uganda Martyrs University MA Development Studies         1997-1998

Nkumba University PhD candidate under print (2020)

Work experience in the school

2001 October entered Nkumba University as a lecturer in social sciences faculty and as an administrative assistant.

2012-2019 Head of department development studies

2019 -2020 lecturer.