Musisi Norbert

Musisi Norbert

  • Position: Lecturer
  • +256 751 563139/ +256 775 374421

I am a 32-year-old, PhD candidate and researcher at Makerere University in Petroleum
Geoscience. I am currently the Patron and Coordinator the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
Nkumba Chapter. I have teaching experience six (06) years at Nkumba University in the field of
Geoscience, with specific competence areas in Petroleum Geophysics, Reservoir Geophysics,
Fluid and Earth Dynamics, Engineering Mathematics, Modelling and Simulations, occupational
health and safety, and renewable energy resources. I possess good knowledge in seismic data
collection, editing, processing and interpretation. In addition, I possess skills in ArcGIS, Matlab,
Petrel, COMSOL, and Geosoft. I have worked with STATOIL AS (NO) and GEOTECH
SOLUTIONS (U) in offshore seismic reflection for deep marine in Svalbard and Onshore shallow
seismic reflection in Buliisa and Nwoya districts Uganda, respectively.

Research Interests not Added Yet

1. Title: Modeling and Inversion of marine controlled source electromagnetic data using the
Green’s function methods
Publisher: Bergen Open Research Archive (Bora) and Researchgate, 2014
Website: Link
Page. 3

2. Paper presented on the 5th African Oil and gas Summit, Cape Town, South Africa.
Paper title: Challenges in African Oil and Gas Sector.
3. Modeling the influence of Fluid flow and Heat transfer through Fractured Geothermal
Reservoirs in the Albertine Graben. Under peer review

Staff Projects not Added Yet

Students’ Research Supervision
a) Atim F.; (2019) “The Effects of Heavy Metals in Fuel on the Transport Industry in Kampala
Capital City”: A Case Study of Kampala Road.
b) Among D.M.; (2019), “Assessing the Processes and Challenges faced in the Groundwater
Extraction,” A Case of Wagagai Company, Lyamutundwe- Wakiso District
c) Ampumuza R.; (2019), “Effects of the Core Barrel on the Quality of Core Sample in Drilling”,
A Case of TMT Mining Company, Rubirizi District, Western Uganda.
d) Kiyimba S.; (2019)., “Effect Of Pore Fluids On Elastic Wave Properties”
e) Okello M.; (2019), “Investigating the Influence of Rock Fractures, Gamma Ray Index, and
Lithology on rock properties Using Petrel and CMG Simulating Software”
f) Onying C.R.; (2019), “Assessment of Mining Methods for Various Dimension Stones, Their
Products & Use to the Economy.” A Case of Kyampisi Sub-County, Mukono District
g) Tuhirwe E.; (2019)., “Bioremediation of Heavy Metal Contaminated Surface Water Using
Green Microalga from Kilembe Mines, Kasese District.”
h) . Akampondi P.; (2018), “Assessing the Effects of Tin Mining on the Environment and the
Community in Mwerasandu”, Ntungamo District.
i) Chol S. J.; (2018), “Assessing the Effects of geothermal exploration activities on the
environment and the community of Kibiro”, Hoima District.
j) Biira C.; (2017), “Assessment of the Effects of Limestone Mining on the Community and the
Environment of Hima Cement”, Kasese District – Western Uganda.
k) Muhumuza N.; (2017), “The Effects of Artisanal Scale Gold Mining on the Community and
the Environment”. A Case Study Buhweju District.
l) Nyakato J.; (2017), “Assessment of the Effects of Oil and Gas Wastes on the Environment
and Community””. A Case Study of Kyangwali Sub-County, Hoima District.
m) Kobusingye J.; (2016), “Analysis of the Earthquake Risks in the Albertine Graben”. A Case
of Hoima District.
n) Owori D.; (2016), “Assessment of Waste Management in the Mining of Limestone in Tororo
Stone Quarry”, Tororo District, Uganda.
o) Akur J. M.; (2015): “Assessment of Compliance level to Health, Safety, and Environment
Standards at the Filling Stations along Entebbe Road”, Central Uganda.
p) Anguyo D.; (2015), “Assessment of Health and Safety of Workers in Rock Mining”. A Case
of Midigo Sub-County, Yumbe District.

Conferences / Presentations:
a) The First East Africa Executive Training on Extractives and Sustainable Investments
organized by the Great Lakes Institute for Strategic Studies (GLiSS) with partnership from
The Ford Foundation Strathmore University (Kenya) and Columbia Center for Sustainable
Investment (CCSI), 30th July -12th August 2018.
b) Workshop on skills requirement for Level 4 (managerial and Engineering) Jobs and
Capacity Gaps in the Oli and gas sector, Organized by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral
Development (MEMD).
c) Guidelines for oil and gas companies by Cultural Institutions in the Albertine,
Organized by The Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda, (November 15-16, 2016 – Gulu).
d) I have presented in a workshop on the “Role of the different stakeholders in the
extractive Industries”, organized by the Office of Auditor General (OAG), Planning and
Economic Development (MOFPED), Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development on the
Extractive Industries, at Kampala, February 2017.
e) Presented in a workshop on public finance management reforms and managing oil and
gas revenues at sub-national level in Uganda, organized by the Advocates Coalition for
Development and Environment (ACODE) in partnership with Uganda Local Governments
Association and Natural Resources Governance Institute (NRGI) at Commonwealth Resort
Munyonyo, (April 2016).
f) Participated in the workshop on Managing Expectations in the oil and gas industry in Hoima,
organized by International Alert (May 2015).

Fellowships/ Awards:
a) University of Bergen: MSc Scholarship in Earth Science (petroleum Geoscience, Major)
b) Makerere University: Scholarship for my BSc Education
c) Svalex Diploma (2013): Field course funded by STATOIL AS and Norwegian Universities
d) Diploma supplement, UiB: After completing my Master of Science
Professional Membership:
➢ Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Uganda Section
➢ Faculty Advisor SPE Nkumba Students’ Chapter
➢ LinkedIn
➢ ResearchGate
➢ Journal of African Earth Sciences