Prof. Francis Kasekende

Prof. Francis Kasekende

  • Position: University Secretary
  • +256772-430887/+256702430887


  1. Assist the Vice Chancellor in the administration of the university including the handling of personnel matters, the keeping and maintenance of the university inventory and superintending the management of the university assets in accordance with the university statutes, rules and regulations made under the provisions of the chatter.
  2. The Accounting Officer of the University
  3. Secretary to the University Council and all its committees
  4. Responsible for;
    • the custody of the University Seal
    • issuing letters of appointments made by the University Council
    • communicating decisions of Council
    • Any other duty as assigned by the Vice Chancellor and by the Council
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Recent Refereed Articles after becoming Associate Professorship


  1. Changha G., Otengei S. O. & Kasekende F. (2020): Employee engagement: a mediator between organizational inducements and industry loyalty among workers in the hospitality industry in Uganda, Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality & Tourism, DOI: 10.1080/15332845.2020.1702869. Link

Recent Refereed Articles after becoming Senior Lecturer and used to apply for Associate Professorship

  1. Matongolo, A., Kasekende, F., Mafabi, S. (2018) “Employer branding and talent retention: perceptions of employees in higher education institutions in Uganda”, Industrial and Commercial Training  Link
  2. Lubogoyi, B., Kasekende, F., Kagaari, J., Ngoma, M., Munene, J. C. and Bakunda, G. (2018) “Stewardship behaviour and perceived goal congruence in local governments in Uganda: The moderating role of collectivism”, Leadership & Organization Development Journal,  39(6), 712-729. Link
  3. Lubogoyi, B., Kasekende, F., Ngoma, M. and Bakunda, G. (2017). Organizational Trust, Collectivism and Goal Congruence in the Delivery of Public Services.  Makerere Business Journal;  13(1), 27-46.
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  5. Otengei, S., Changha, G., Kasekende, F., and Ntayi, J. M. (2017). Vicarious Experience: A neglected Source of Career Identity among Indigenous Hospitality Graduates in Uganda. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education.
  6. Kasekende, F. (2017). Psychological Contract, Engagement and Employee Discretionary Behaviours: Perspectives from Uganda. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management; 66(7), 896-913. Link
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  • Kasekende, F., Munene, J. C., Ntayi, J. M., and Ahiauzu, A. Social Exchanges: Mediator of Perceived Environmental Dynamism and Psychological Contract. Organization Management Journal.
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  • Lubogoyi, B., Kasekende, F., Ngoma, M., Bakunda, M. and Kagaari, J.Monitoring Mechanisms and Task Participation: The Mediating Effect of Personal Responsibility, Public Management Review.


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