Prof. Wilson Muyinda Mande

Prof. Wilson Muyinda Mande

  • Position: Prof.

Professor Wilson Muyinda Mande is a Ugandan academic. He was the Vice Chancellor of Nkumba University from 2017 to 2021.  He is also Professor of Business Administration.

He received his PhD in Leadership and Ethics from the University of Aberdeen in the UK. He holds an STM from Union in New York (USA); an MA from Virginia (USA); a BD from ATIEA; a Diploma from Makerere; and Advanced Certificate in Educational Management from Leicester (UK).

As vice chancellor his roles include the following:

  1. Act as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the University
  2. Preside over academic ceremonies in absence of the Chancellor
  3. Supervise departmental heads
  4. Carry out financial planning of the University each year
  5. Liaise with other institutions nationally and internationally
  6. Perform public relations role for the University
  7. Chair the top academic organs (e.g. Senate) of the University
  8. Oversee the implementation of the University’s Strategic Plan

Experience in Higher Education administration and management 

He was Deputy Vice Chancellor from 2014 to 2016. From 2009 to 2013 he was Academic Registrar. Prior to that he was Head of Department in the School of Business Administration, that is from 1999 to 2008.

Professor Mande has undertaken consultancies in areas of education; management, monitoring and evaluation; training; human Resources and policy development for many local and international organisations.

He has held editorial roles several journals and has served as a reviewer for journals published both locally and internationally. He has numerous publications


  1. Human resource management and planning
  2. Business Ethics
  3. Policy analysis
  4. Management of higher education
  5.   Project planning and management
  6. Leadership in organisations



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Paper delivered at Directors’ and Executive Officers Forum.

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Book reviewed: (Kodwo Ankrah (1998) Development and Church of Uganda: Mission, Myths and    Metaphors. Nairobi Acton Publishers (189 pages)

Books reviewed: Byamugisha G (1998) (a) AIDS the condom and the Church  (140 pages)

    1. Am I my brothers’ keeper    (82 pages) Kampala: EATWOT Uganda chapter
Staff Projects not Added Yet


Name Course Title of the doctoral work University
Namugumya E PhD Non-formal education and community development in Uganda: the case of Rakai district Nkumba
Musoke H E PhD Procurement System and effective health service delivery in Health Centre III in rural Uganda Nkumba
Rukanyangira N PhD Marketing Policy and the Competitiveness of Manufacturing Firms in Uganda: The Case of Uganda Clays Nkumba
Serunjogi C PhD Management Development and Quality of Universal Primary Education in Uganda Nkumba
Makumbi R B PhD National Youth Policy and Job Creation for the Youth in Uganda Nkumba
Masembe K PhD Strategic Planning and the Procurement of Medicals in national Referral Hospitals. Nkumba
Emuron L PhD Reward Systems and Performance of Academic Staff in Private Universities in Uganda Nkumba
Baryomuntebe D PhD Staff Development Policies and Quality Pedagogy in Universities. Nkumba
Saka G O PhD Public Finance Legislation and Accountability in Regional Referral Hospitals in Uganda Nkumba
Makilika V PhD Growth Approach and sustainable development in Rufigi Basin, Tanzania Nkumba
Zombeire R K PhD The Contribution of legislation on the ethical performance of public servants in Wakiso and Kampala districts, Uganda. Kenyatta
Nakibuuka J PhD The contribution of Quality on Adolescents’ choices of Food Items in Kampala District, Uganda Nkumba
Namuyomba I PhD Perceived Organisational Support and the commitment of Medical Doctors in Uganda’s Public Hospitals Nkumba
Oyugi J L PhD The contribution of entrepreneurship education to self-efficacy of university students in Uganda Kenyatta
Kalibwani R PhD Aid Management in Sub-Saharan Africa a Case Study of Swaziland. Commonwealth

Masters (MBA, M.Sc, MPLM and MA) dissertations supervised recently


Name Course Title of the Dissertation Year University
Chebet MHRM Diversity Management and the Performance of United Nations Staff in Juba, South Sudan. 2016 Nkumba
Nabyonga K MHRM Workforce Diversity Policy Implementation and Job Satisfaction in the Flower Farms in Uganda: the case of Rosebud 2015 Nkumba
Apegyi J MPLM The Effect of Cargo Management on Customers satisfaction in the Airline Industry: The Case if Aviance Airline of Ghana 2012 Nkumba
AhimbisibweJ. M Sc.(A/F) Budget Implementation and Effective Business Operations in Manufacturing firms of Uganda: The Case of Uganda Baati 2012 Nkumba
NampiimaM. M Sc(Mgt) The effects of HIV/AIDS non-discrimination Policy on Elimination Stigma at Work Place: The Case Study of Accord Uganda 2012 Nkumba
Matua R. MBA Reward Management System and Staff Retention in Uganda’s Public Sector: The Case Study of Ministry of Water and Environment 2012 Nkumba


Zimbe B. N M Sc(A/F) Internal Audit (IA) and Risk Management in Financial Institutions in Uganda: The Case Study of Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited 2011 Nkumba
Sarah Abiro MHRM The effect of Reward Policy on Employee Satisfaction at Aids Health Care Foundation Uganda Cares 2011 Nkumba
Ogendi B. MHRM The effects of Staff Training on Work performance in the Hotel Industry: The Case of Sheraton Hotel 2011 Nkumba
Amanyire R. MBA Legislation and Financial Accountability in Local Governments: The Case Study of Sembabule District 2011 Nkumba
Luboyera A MBA Customer care and Employee satisfaction in Uganda’s banking sector: The case of Equity bank. 2010 Nkumba
Namutidde V MBA The role of financial policy in the reduction of fraud in commercial banks 2010 Nkumba


Nabiddo E MA The Contribution of NGOs on the improvement of livelihood of vulnerable households in Uganda: The case of Send-a-Cow in Mityana district. 2009 Nkumba
Namutebi G MBA The relationship between organisational change and industrial action. The case of KyambogoUniversity. 2009 Nkumba
Murithii M M.Sc The Contribution of tax education to tax compliance among SME business people in Kampala, Uganda 2009 Nkumba
Wamalwa E M MBA The role of KCC in the enforcement of building codes and standards in the construction of commercial buildings in Kampala City. 2009 Nkumba
Wamara J B MBA Factors influencing effectiveness in logistics managements of united nations world food programme in northern and eastern Uganda 2009 Nkumba
Nataka N S MBA The Contribution of advertising on market share retention of Airlines in Uganda. A case study of eagle Air Limited 2009 Nkumba


Gapira N U MBA The Relationship between trade information availability and growth of business transaction in Kigali, Rwanda. 2008 Bugema



Nakibuuka J MBA Factors influencing Quality Management in Food Processing SMEs in Kawempe Division of Kampala, Uganda. 2007 Nkumba
Ndyabahinduka MPA An Assessment of Performance under Results Oriented Management in National Water and Sewerage Corporation Uganda 2007 Nkumba


Obika A MA The Role of Women’s Ownership of Land in Poverty Reduction in Uganda. A Case Study of Entebbe. 2006 Nkumba
Bazzekuketta J M.Sc The Effect of Financial Policies on the Performance of MFIs in Uganda. The Case of Faulu 2006 Nkumba


Namakula G M.Sc. The Impact of Financial Education on the Performance of Sole Traders in Balikuddembe Market, Kampala District, Uganda. 2005 Nkumba
Nansereko K. R MBA The Effects of Retrenchment on the Performance in the Public Sector. A Case Study of the Local Government. 2005 Nkumba
Nakabanda E. MBA Gender and Course Choice at Higher Institutions of Learning in Uganda: A Case Study in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology of Makerere University. 2005 Nkumba
Namuyomba I. MA The Impact of Transfers on Professional Commitment of Secondary School Teachers in Uganda. 2005 Nkumba


Esomu-Ebalu M. MBA Pupils’ Access to Resources Under UPE Policy and its implications for

Quality Education: in Soroti Municipality.

2004 Nkumba
Ajwang, B MBA The Factors Influencing the Performance of Selected Indigenous Insurance Companies In Uganda. 2004 Nkumba
Sebagenzi, E N MBA Factors Influencing Delivery of Services in Public Health Sector in Uganda:

A Case study of Nakaseke Hospital.

2004 Nkumba


Mukula M G MBA An Assessment of the Decline and Liquidation of Government parastatals in

Uganda. A Case of Uganda Airlines Corporation.

2004 Nkumba
Ofwono, Y MA The Effects of Poverty on the Education of The Girl-Child in Kamengo 2001 Leeds, UK



Ndifuna, M. MBA Factors Affecting Capacity Building of Private Universities in Uganda 2003 Nkumba
Nsubuga, C. R. MA Factors Affecting the Process of Privatisation in the Performance of Government Central Purchasing Corporation. 2003 Nkumba



Kaye, J K MBA Factors Hampering the Development of SS Industries in Uganda. 2002 Nkumba
Kiwanuka K. G MBA Factors Influencing the Performance of Small Dairy Farmers in Rakai. 2002 Nkumba
Mwesigwa L A MBA The Provision of Agricultural Advisory for Rural Development in Rakai. 2002 Nkumba


Some of conference papers presented recently

  • Overview of research process for postgraduate students. Ndejje University, January 2018
  • Appropriate approach to quantitative research methods. Bugema University, August 2017.
  • Enhancing training of University students for employability. Uganda Vice Chancellors’ Forum    Conference, October 2016
  • Economic Benefits and Ecological sustainability. ISBEE conference. Shanghai China. July 2016
  • Appropriate Approach to Academic Writing. Nkumba University, 2015
  • The process of establishing and managing a PhD programme. Paper presented at Ndejje University,    April 2013.
  • Techniques for critical review of literature. Presented at SBA Staff Seminar at Nkumba University,    March 2013
  • Appropriate approach to academic writing. Paper presented at SBA staff research workshop  at Nkumba University, March 2013.
  • Data presentation, analysis and interpretation. Paper presented at SBA staff research workshop at Nkumba University, March 2013.
  • Setting and marking qualitative examinations in higher education. Presented at Workshop held in Nkumba University, 2011
  • The role of Board of Directors in a service sector organization. The case of UWASNET. Presented to UWASNET Board in Kampala: 2011
  • A teacher the greatest socializing agent of all time. Presented at the World Teachers Day meet held in October 14 for Entebbe Branch at Penneil Beach (2010)
  • Contribution of business ethics course to MBA students’ readiness to exercise ethical management of enterprises.  Business Ethics Network Conference Nairobi Kenya (2010)
  • The role of the board of directors in the aligning corporate governance to organisational strategy.    Presented at PPDA Board seminar at in July Kampala Uganda, (2010)
  • Virtues ethics and the effectiveness of meetings. Presented to Board of Directors and Top Management of NSSF. Held at Hotel Protea, Kampala (2009)
  • Management of non-academic affairs in Ugandan Universities. Presented at Deans of Students Conference held at Uganda Christian University (2009) =
  • Change management in the not for profit organizations in Uganda. The case of SOS Children’s Villages in Uganda. Held in Kampala (2009)
  • Qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Presented at Faculty of Economics {FEMA} Makerere University. [2009]
  • Child rights in multicultural perspective: Uganda experience. Presented at the Global Impact Seminar held in Bangkok Thailand, [2009]
  • Preparation of a quantitative publishable paper. Presented at Uganda Christian University, [2008].
  • Quality pedagogy as modified constructivism, presented at Nkumba University  (2007).
  • Democracy Audit in Uganda, 2006,presented at an international conference in Copenhagen, Demark, (2006).
  • Alternative measures to corporal punishment in Ugandan schools, presented at an international training in Ho Chi Min city, Vietnam (2006).
  • Self – Motivation and the Effectiveness of Secondary School Teachers, presented at Ndejje Secondary School – teachers’ retreat. (2006).
  • The Unfinished Business of the Right to Education Compounds the Bridging of National and International Divides – Commonwealth Day lecture, Nkumba Universi
  • “How to cope in the teaching profession in the next millennium.” A Paper presented at the            Teachers Conference in Masaka, Uganda.


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