Professor Dr. Miph B. Musoke

Professor Dr. Miph B. Musoke

  • Position: Senior Lecturer
  • +256712997963

I am a mature professional Microbiologist – Ecologist  with a broad work experience  totaling to over 42 years now (2016) out of which about 38 years have been in Africa, and 4 in Australia (New South Wales). I have about 18 years senior administrative experience as Ag. Director / Deputy Director of a national and international reference center on HIV/AIDS (the Uganda Virus Research Institute, 900 staff). Academic experience includes at least 17 years university assistance since 1977: I have served 5 universities in Africa from part-time lecturer, honorary lecturer, External Examiner, Associate Professor to Visiting Professor. I have also been Training Officer (The Uganda Virus Research Institute, 900 staff) for over 16 years now with industrial trainees, electives, supervision of projects etc. Overall, I have served as a civil servant in Research & Development for a current total of about 27 years. At the international level I have i) served for 14 years Reproductive Health / Family Health programs of the Commonwealth –ECSA (14 African countries) ; 2) 3 years as Consultant /fee-contractor on a number of United Nations programs/projects in Eastern Africa; 3) 5 years experience as Member Steering Committee of a UN BRAAF (biodiversity) project in 5 Anglophone countries. I have served for over 2 years as member National Coordinating Committee of the UNEP- GEF sponsored Biosafety project. I have earned several international recognition awards including Laureate of IBC’s International Scientist of the Year, 2004 (for excellence in science and leadership); an International Peace Prize from the United Cultural Convention of the USA (for outstanding service to humanity) etc. A founding listee, IBCs Leading Scientists of the World (2006) I am also listed on a UN Database as African Practicing Scientist; and also a UN CBD Roster of Biosafety Experts (Canada). Nationally, the Uganda National Academy of Sciences bestowed upon me its highest honor of Fellow (exceptional contributions to Medical Sciences). Recognized by UN (UNEP), GEF, and UNCST (for distinguished service and dedication [2002 -2006 participation in preparation of draft of National Science & Technology policy, and National Biosafety Forum] (September 2006). Nominated  (December 2007) for award of a Gold Medal for Uganda by the American Biographical Institute, North Carolina, USA (for extraordinary service and contributions to Uganda and its peoples) [through science] . This honor, according to ABI, is “an extraordinary distinction of meritorious achievement “. Recognised by former USA Secretary Tommy Thompson (Secretary for Health and Human Services) for my role in HIV / AIDS matters while I was Ag. Director UVRI, 2004. In March 2007, I was nominated to be inducted in the American Hall of Fame (by ABI). In September 2008, I was nominated one of the 12 pioneer Role Models in Uganda’s history to popularize Science, Technology and Innovation in Uganda’s Secondary Schools (UNCST).  Principal Investigator UNESCO sponsored research on Peaceful co-existance between biosphere reserves and local communities (2015/16). Nominated as Honorary Professor of Science by the International Biographic Centre, Cambridge, UK (January 2016).


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  • Member, Dormouse Network (one of the four members representing 



  • Team leader – Coordinator (Zoology/Ecology) – Restoration

Ecology/toxicology project on Heavy Metal Pollution in Queen

Elizabeth Biosphere Reserve, Uganda (under UN’s BRAAF Project).

  • Member, Steering Committee, United Nations BRAAF Project

(on Biosphere Reserves for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable

Development in Anglophone Africa).

  • Editor, Newsletter for Uganda National Commission for UNESCO.
  • Member, National Consultative Task Force on Information

Dissemination in Reproductive Health and Nutrition (Commonwealth).

  • Member, International Society for Infectious Diseases (USA).
  • Member and Founder President, Endod Foundation Uganda.
  • Member, East African Wildlife Society (Nairobi).
  • Member Governing Council, Wildlife Clubs of Uganda.
  • Member International Society for Tropical Ecology (Hawaii and India).
  • Member, National Task Force on Cell Biology, Medical School,

Makerere University.

  • Member, USAID – Sponsored National Committee on effects of

Global Environment Change on Health.

  • Institutional Scientific Officer / Focal Point, Reproductive Health / Reproductive and Family Life.

(Commonwealth, ECSA, Arusha)involving 14 African Countries.

  • Chartered Biologist (UK). Recognized by EU.
  • Fellow, Uganda National Academy of Sciences (Medical Sciences).
  • Fogarty Fellow. In (i) International Research Bio-Ethics.

(ii)Infectious Diseases Epidemiology.

(Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University)

  • One of the organizers of the 4th National AIDS Conference (Uganda) March 21-22, 2005 Kampala Uganda
  • Reviewer of Abstracts. (4th National AIDS Conference, Uganda March 2005)
  • Member, Research Board of Directors, American Biographical Institute (North Carolina – USA)
  • Recognised by former USA Secretary Tommy Thompson (Secretary for Health and Human Services) for his role in HIV / AIDS matters while he was Ag. Director UVRI, 2004
  • International Scientist of the Year 2004 (IBC, Cambridge – England
  • Received International Peace Prize 2005 ( from United Cultural Convention of USA, North Carolina – USA
  • Many of you know Queen Elizabeth National Park as one of Uganda’s major tourist attraction and foreign exchange earner. Only a few people know that youthful Miph Musoke, while doing zoonoses research, lobbied vigorously and successfully at UNESCO in Paris France, for Uganda to get its first international Biosphere Reserve way back in 1979:- Queen Elizabeth Biosphere Reserve – (this deserves applause!).


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