Ssewakiryanga Geoffrey

Ssewakiryanga Geoffrey

  • Position: Lecturer
  • +256782-923461

The following are the achievements:-


  • Nkumba University:    As Head of Department


  • Registering of hotel certificate to UBTEB
  • Introduction of  ( Tourism Planning and Management
  • Built a strong teamwork spirit among the staff of the Department and School
  • Streamlined the Education Tours and Internship exercises in the School
  • Update of the Home Economics Course to match the current labour market requirements
  • Equipped the practical kitchen
  • Ensuring regular educational trips of Students in the Hospitality Department
  • Ensuring students take their internship trainings
  • Supervision of both teaching staff and students


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Year            Name of Workshop                Organizer

2019                         Professional Development                             Enabel, British council,

Programme Course Code                               VET Toolbox



2017                         International Staff Week                              Erasmus, FH Joannuem

Austria                                                          University of Applied Sciences


2016                        Staff Training workshop                               Wuhan Municipal City, Entebbe

Municipal Council


2015                        Umgibe Organic Farming                               UMGIBE, Alliance with

Communities for Rural

Engagement (ACRE)


2014                        Post graduate research supervision and           School of Post Graduate Studies and

Assessment                                                          Research


2013                       Management & Leadership of University      Nkumba University & NCHE

Training  programmes


2012                          International Community Tourism Symposium   Makerere University


2012                          NAPE Field Team Leaders workshop                  Uganda National Examination



2012              Professionalizing of Teacher Educators’            Nkumba University, TELLI, MOFET



2011        Research 4 life &  TEEFAL                             Information training & Outreach

Centre for Africa (ITOCA)


2010                          Millennium Development Goals                  Uganda Management Institute,

University of Botswana Workshop


2010                          Field Team Leaders workshop                       Uganda National Examination



2008        NAPE Dissemination Workshop              Uganda National Examination Board



2007            Item Writers Workshop                  Uganda National Examination



2007                  Minimum requirements for University         National Council for

courses                         Higher Education (Masaka)


2006            Vic Res ( IUCEA) Annual General Meeting   Inter University Council of East

Africa (Kisumu)



2006            4th IIPT Africa Conference on Peace                      UNESCO (Kampala)



2006    Panel Workshop Tropical-Agriculture Course        Uganda National    Examination

Board Stages 1 & 2


2006    Quality Assurance Workshop            National Council for Higher

Education (Kampala)


2005        Pedagogical Training Workshop                Makerere University Department

of Social  Science and Arts

Education (Kampala)


2004        Creating a sustainable future for

East Africa in the 21st Century                      Africa America Trade Federation

(East Africa – America economic                       (Kampala)

Partnership Trade Mission)


2004        Workshop & exhibition on Banana         NARO, CTA, IITA

processing & Banana based products.        (Kampala)


  1. Workshop on promoting the reader

Development, through the use            Nkumba University Library

of electronic journals & Electronic



2002        Workshop on study skills as a tool for        Nkumba University

Improving learning in the institutions of

Higher learning


2001        BVET                            (UNESCO) [Kampala]


1993    Para – Legal Workshop                Foundation for Human Rights

Initiative (Mukono)


1992        Human Resource Management            Planning Development and


Year            Institution                    Position Held

2019 – Todate          Association of Uganda Hospitality,           Chairman

Tourism and Travel

Training Institutions


2017 – Todate    Nkumba University                           Organising Secretary

Staff Association


2013                     Nkumba University                                Representative of SCOS  on Nkumba

University  Strategic Plan Development



2010            Nkumba University                Representative of

School of Hospitality and

Environment Sciences –

on Ad-Hoc Committee to  review

Evening and Weekend



2009            Uganda National Examinations        Facilitator NAPE Test Administration

Board                        at Jinja College



2008          Uganda National Examinations        Facilitator, 2007 NAPE Report



2007- todate           Nkumba University                                   Representative of School of

Hospitality and

Environment Sciences  on Nkumba

University Library Committee


2007-todate          Nkumba University                Representative of

School of Hospitality and

Environment Sciences –

on the University Exhibition




2004-2008          Nkumba University Academic        Member Representing School of

Staff Association                Hospitality and Environment



2004-2012                Uganda National Examinations        Examinations District Monitor



1999-2000          Victory Fellowship                Treasurer


1993-1995        Kaazi C/U Namagabi Parish        Treasurer


1993-1995        Namagabi Parish Church of Uganda    Chairman Namagabi Parish

Education Committee


1993-1995          Kayunga Hospital                Member Kayunga Hospital                                                          Management Committee

    1.       Uganda National Examination

Board                        UNEB Examiner UJTC


1992-1995          Ntenjeru County                General Secretary LC IV