Zziwa Akram

Zziwa Akram

  • Position: Senior Lecture
  • akramzz@yahoo.com
  • +256772519606 /+256701519606.

Akram is currently a lecturer in Nkumba University in the School of Business and Information Technology (SBIT) in the area of Economics, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, project planning and management. He is also a consultant in Finance and Accounting, customer service management and networking.

He has wealth of experience having taught in Kampala University and worked with public organizations, health institutions, multinational organizations and of recent in non- profit organization as Director of Programs, in the above areas. His wealth of experience stretches to 19 years that makes him rise above the ordinary persons and he has been a mentor for many business start–ups. He has developed business proposals and evaluated those that are eligible for funding from international donor organizations or support from financial institutions.

He still carries out research to improve and enhance his teaching and training capabilities to both undergraduate and graduate students and the emerging entrepreneurial class. He has travelled across nations that make him exposed.


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