Games & Sports

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Sports at Nkumba University are dated back at the inception of institution in 1994. Nkumba University has remained a sports pillar in the Nation and sports power house in all National, regional and on a world stage winning several accolades in the 25 years of its existence,

We have programmed training regimes that start at 5:00pm to 7:00pm from Monday to Friday and different times on weekends. Our sports students are fed on a well balanced meal to enable them compete effectively in competitions.

The University teams are coached by well trained coaches; basketball team is handled by coach Timothy Odeke who handled the National basketball team-women from 2012-2017, volleyball team (women) is handled by coach Tonny peter Lakony who is also handling the National volleyball team-women from 2011-date, coach Opio mosses is the coach of volleyball men, coach Ismail Ali Ahmad handles the University handball team(women), coach Amagu Emmanuel is the coach of football ladies, coach Bbosa Sulaiman is the coach of football men, the University has many different sports such badminton, chess, rugby, darts among others. Our coaches have groomed raw talent to international caliber players that have attracted professional stints all over the World.

The University has produced a number of international players playing professional games such as netball, football, and athletics among others. Peace Proscovia Drajole is a professional Ugandan netball player and current captain of the Uganda National team who also plays for the sunshine coast lightning in Australian super netball league and was a student of Nkumba University in the graduating class of 2010. Yasser Mugerwa was also a student of Nkumba University before he left for shire FC in Ethiopia; Mary Nuba Cholhock is also a professional Ugandan netball player who plays Loughborough lightning in English FIAT netball super league and for the Uganda Netball national team.

Sports is an integral part of human nature that cant naturally be avoided, it involves participation in several activities that uses several parts to deliver the required body movements to effect the mode of a play, a healthy body usually has a strong and healthy mind which in the University setting is the most important aspect of a student’s life in respect to their daily lives. In this aspect, the University has continued to facilitate the teams in both National and University league where we have basketball men and women, handball, volleyball men and women, darts playing in the National league while netball and football play University league. Through sports, Nkumba University has got mileage by providing all the necessary support to our talented students,

in 2014 the volleyball team women represented Uganda in the CAVB In Egypt and emerged 9th out of 16 teams and also presented a team for the Eastern Africa University games in Uganda Christian University and emerged 5th out of 25 universities, in 2015 our 2 students Ekone Brenda and Gimbo Barbra represented the country at the world University Games in South Korea, and in the same year Nkumba University presented a team for the 16th AUUS Games in Busoga University and emerged 3rd all over winner,

In 2016 the university football team played the University football league and became 2nd , volleyball women were National league champions, handball women were also the National league champions,

In 2017, Nkumba was also represented by Ekone Brenda and Nanjala Diana at the world University Games in Gwanju in Taipei playing basketball, 2 of our students kizza betty and Nampungu Joan also represented the country at the world cup championship, the University basketball team also competed in the University floodlights league and were champions, the volleyball team were also the National league champions and in the same year, Nkumba was represented at the inter-University Games in Ndejje and emerged 3rd over all.

In 2018 3 students of Nkumba University (Betty Kizza, Ruth meme and Nampungu Joan) represented the country in the commonwealth games that were held in Gold Coast Australia. Nkumba University was also represented by kizza betty, Nampungu Joan, Nalwanja Shaffie, Nuba Mary and Kayeny privas in the world University netball championship that was held in Uganda, in the same year the University Volleyball team were the National champions and also represented Uganda at CAVB in Cairo,

In 2019, the University volley women’s team and handball team were National league champions whereas badminton and basketball men came 3rd in the National league. The University also presented a team for the inter-varsity games in Kisubi University and emerged 6th overall.

Sports at Nkumba are being handled by a number of people that include;

  • Kimuli Christopher       Sports Tutor         
  • Muyiira Joseph             team manager