Why Nkumba University

NU is Non-Profit, Non-Secular and Non-Denominational institution

The institution is community based established to support education improvement within the country and the region.  It was founded initially as a primary school in 1954 but has gone through a transformation until in 1994 when it finally attained University status. It allows all types of staff and students irrespective of who they are, where they come from and what they want to study.

NU is a Chartered University by the Government of Uganda.

NU University was offered a Charter in 2006 by the government of Uganda which is a legal mandate for it to operate as one and hence all its documents are legally acceptable across the world. By obtaining a NU certificate, you can be able to undertake any upgrade from any other University across the world without any problem.

NU Academic Programmes

NU has some diverse academic programmes that range from arts to sciences and of which are all accredited by National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). These programmes have been well thought through and are industry oriented.

NU Model of teaching and Learning

NU University uses a multi approach to provide teaching and learning for all its stakeholders. NU adopted the Blended teaching approach (face to face teaching and e-learning) for all its on-campus programmes. However, NU uses e-learning for its distance learning programmes in order to provide a ubiquitous experience for its students across the globe. NU boosts of its state of the art e-learning infrastructure and e-resources that make it stand out amongst the many private universities across the region.

NU adequate infrastructure

NU University occupies vast average of land on which its Entebbe and Kampala campuses are located. The built-up infrastructure containing teaching and learning lecture rooms, computer laboratories, students’ hostels, modern library with over 10,000+ books, wireless connectivity across the entire campuses, extra-curricular facilities for both indoor and outdoor make NU stand out amongst the private Universities. The location of the Kampala Campus makes it easy for students who cannot access Entebbe to comfortably undertake their studies with ease.

NU graduates

The University boosts of its alumni who have been blessed to occupy so many key positions across the globe. The graduates from NU are equipped with values of competence, creativity, confidence and character which have supported them to perform excellently in their work places. The alumni are well placed in both government and private sector organisations. NU adopted the technique of empowering its students with other vocational skills through a multitude of workshops and seminars that are regularly offered by industrial practitioners. These have brought the actual practice into class and hence improved the teaching and learning. Why not be part of this journey?

NU Flexible Payment System

NU being a community based institution looks at the earning from all spheres of life and hence accommodates both the poor and the rich. Therefore, NU has a flexible fees payment system that allows students to be able to pay a percentage of their fees at the start and then the rest of the fees paid in instalments as per the agreed upon structures. The University runs a cashless university system and hence has adopted ICT to support it in the collection of all the fees through the Zevarsity system. Therefore, students can be able to pay their fees from anywhere in the world and finally access their students online accounts to ascertain both their financial and academic details.

NU Collaborations and Partners

We are a university that works with partners to make sure the mandate of teaching, learning and research is realized. NU has several collaborations both nationally and internationally who provide different support. Some of these partners are within the industry and have supported the University in providing a conducive environment for community engagement.

NU Association

NU is associated with several organisations that support higher institutions of learning in offering the desired quality across the globe. NU is a member of the Uganda Vice Chancellor’s Forum (UVCF), Inter University Council for East Africa (IUCEA), Association of African Universities (AAU), Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), International Association of Universities (IAU), Regional University Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) among others.